Work as a London Escort

We are in the 21st century ladies, break free from the shackles of convention and have some fun. Make some good money whilst you’re at it too! London escorts are among the most popular escorts in the entire world. There are so many agencies and independent adverts for escorts in London that you would think there was enough girls already. However, you haven’t considered the sheer demand for these talented women.

These days it’s common to be single, and let’s face it, monogamy isn’t exactly the conventional way of life anymore is it? People want instant thrills and excitement in their lives, they are bored with the drudgery of day to day activities, work and socialising etc. They want to do something that is still considered slightly taboo in certain circles, and rather than live vicariously through characters on a movie screen or in the pages of a book, they want some excitement for themselves. This is a booming time for the escort business, and we can only expect it to get better and better, the more people embrace their freedoms here in London and the rest of the UK.


We will level with you, we need more girls! There, we said it. We have the demand, and it’s ever increasing, but there are only so many clients that a girl can see after all. We have some excellent, loyal and regular clients, and we would very much like to continue giving them a good choice of girls to book. Some gentlemen book the same girls over and over, but many are into booking new escort girls, and enjoy the thrill of being among the first to spend time with them.

So, if you think you can do what these women do, why not Apply to be an escort? There really isn’t anything to it, and you could be having a wonderful time quicker than you can imagine.


We are known for our ready supply of British escorts at International Sugarbabes. British girls are very popular from our agency. Mainly because of communication and knowledge of UK culture etc. but another good reason is that our clients love British girls! If you are a British girl and you want to do some escorting in London, we can tell you from the start, you will get clients, and you will be busy!


There is no limit to the amount of money you can make. We suppose there is a limit on how many clients you can see and how much energy you have however! The amount of money you make is entirely up to you. It depends on how many bookings you do and what type of bookings they are. You can also set your own rate, but we are happy to guide you with this also. Take a look at our other London escorts and you will get a good idea about the “going rate,” for want of a better phrase.

You can make a LOT of money as an escort, wherever you are in the world. You will of course be responsible for paying your own taxes and National Insurance of course, since you are not directly employed by the agency. We merely get the bookings for you, and for that we take a small percentage of your booking fee.


Living in London is obviously preferred in all cases, it’s just easier for everyone concerned: escorts, clients, and the agency. However, it’s not always necessary. You may already know this, but we are considered as the foremost agency for porn star escort girls in the world. Now, these girls do not all live in London, they do tours and come to London to visit in much the same way as they could be escorts in Paris, New York, Monte Carlo, or any other glamorous destination you could think of. They use International Sugarbabes because we can get them bookings all over the world. Although clearly London is where we are based mostly, and we have the most girls.

So, if you live outside of London, no matter where in the UK you are, you can always still work. You can arrange mini tours to London on regular occasions if you like. All you need to do is rent an appropriate apartment from which to work, and you are sorted. We are very good at “drumming up trade” prior to your arrival date, so you can hit the ground running, and we can recommend you to our clients based on your feedback.


We can always point you in the direction of some top escort photographers in the London area if you want to get a professional shoot done, but this is not always necessary if you already have some pretty good pictures. We are not overly concerned about them, as long as they can accurately represent the girl your clients will actually meet. We recommend at least one “selfie” style picture however, since this seems to be a popular consideration that our clients make when booking girls.


We are a fair agency at International Sugarbabes. We have been in business for a long time, even before this website was brought about. We are British owned and operated, and we have excellent relationships with the girls we represent (some of them for many, many happy years!) If you can make yourself available and be reliable, you will undoubtedly be busy. Make no mistake about it. And we really do have a very good clientele. We couldn’t ask for better clients to be honest.

And remember, you do not have to be an exclusive escort with our agency. An exclusive escort is one that lists only with the one agency. Some of our girls prefer this because they don’t want that many bookings, or they are part time. They also choose this option because they don’t want to deal with other agencies. It can get confusing for some girls if they are listed with many agencies. Sometimes it’s just better to deal with one agency.


If you have any worries or concerns about working as a London escort, we are literally only a phone call away. Or you can send us a message. We are always happy to answer any questions, and we have an excellent team here at the agency that will do you proud


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