Mistress Charlotte in latex in plane cockpit

What to expect with fetish escorts


Fetish escorts in London are not a rarity, but they are a very specific set of girls. There are lots of girls who like to say they are fetish escorts, but in reality they are not. What our clients look for when they book a girl who is into various fetishes, is not just someone who can tolerate the particular fetish. What our clients want is someone who understands the fetish, and those who get similarly turned on by it.

Like latex fetish escorts for example. It’s not just about looking sexy in a latex catsuit. Well, that’s part of it, but there is a lot more involved. It’s about the feel of it on your body, it’s about the adoration you get from those who find the look overwhelmingly sexy. It’s sometimes about putting it on, or taking it off, or the acts involved in wearing it etc. For example, latex wear is often synonymous with BDSM fetish. As is leather of course, but even then leather fetish is about a whole lot more than merely domination and bondage.


Like many of the girls who pretend to be fetish escorts, we are not professionals in this area, by any means, and we are happy to admit it. However, we do insist on only representing girls in this category who can really appreciate the fine nuances of the fetishes they like to indulge in. And the keyword there is “like”. They may not all be into latex fetish, but some of them may be into uniform fetish, or perhaps they enjoy the fun involved with foot fetish fantasies. They’re all our fetish gallery, because it would become impossible to list all the fetishes the girls are into.

The beauty of the fetish gallery at International Sugarbabes, is that it’s based on fetishes the girls enjoy, not their clients. It would be easy to create a list of galleries for everything the clients are into, but this would again result in the girls coming along and just ticking every box to get more bookings. So we like to leave them all in the one gallery when it comes to fetishes.


You can rest assured that the girls however, are indeed professional when it comes to fetish play. These girls all have their own preferences, but many will be similar. And we have made a point of wheedling out those that don’t really have real fetishes, so what you are left with is a group of committed fetish experts. They want nothing more than to indulge your fetishes and fantasies. We are certain you will have an amazing time.


Because of this categorisation, we have a whole load of girls into various fetishes. Most are into many different types, so you are safe booking them. However, it’s always best to message us to ask which girls would be the best choices for a particular fetish you may have. It’s the best choice for all London escort bookings to be honest. Once our receptionist has a good idea what you’re after, they can better recommend a girl that can meet your expectations.


So, please don’t be shy about coming forward with what you like. There are many fetishes that men find embarrassing, but you should know that we have heard them all before. It’s not our job to place judgement on anyone calling the agency or sending us a message. It’s our job to facilitate your desires and help realise them with the most suitable woman at the agency. If you can help us out with a few of the girls you like first, we can check with each of them and let you know what they say. Here at International Sugarbabes, we take great pride in our ability to match our clients with the perfect partner.

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