Touring International Escorts

Welcome to our gallery of touring escorts. All the girls on this page are on tour in various parts of the world. International Sugarbabes have a long history of representing girls who like to work all over the world. We have been organising bookings for internationally touring escorts ever since we worked with Sugarbabes International years ago, and this has afforded us a lot of experience in this area. We have very close relationships with virtually all the girls you see on this page, and probably many new escorts you will see on here in the future. As an international agency, we think it’s important to maintain a good, open and honest relationship with the girls we represent. This allows them to trust us to get them bookings when they are overseas.

Porn stars who tour

By far the most popular of our escorts likely to tour are our porn star escorts. These girls are always jetting off to different parts of the world. A lot of it is to do with their porn careers of course. There are porn production companies all over Europe, the UK and the USA, so they are likely to be travelling a lot. The thing is, they’re so very insatiable, and have such a desire to keep their escorting career going, that they are likely to want to work wherever they are in the world. They do go on holiday too of course, it’s not all porn star work at all. They love the hot places above all else of course, where they top up their tans.

So, you can probably guess that our porn stars prefer being Dubai escorts in the hot weather. They often tour as a team too, so you may be able to get lucky and spot two of our porn star escorts working together in Dubai or elsewhere. That has to be the ultimate holiday, right? Two beautiful porn stars in a hot and exotic country, sitting by the pool sipping champagne and hanging off your every word. We couldn’t think of anything better.

It's not always Dubai of course, we have many porn star Paris escorts at times, and they get to Budapest, Milan, Singapore, New York and many other places.

Booking is the same

It doesn’t really matter where the girls are in the world, the booking procedure remains the same. The only things that will differ are the girls’ locations and perhaps the currency. We have many British London escorts who love to go out to Dubai for the hot months to top up their tan, in much the same way as we have many Russian escort that like to tour in London for short periods of time. When they’re in London they take pounds sterling, and when their in Dubai they take AED of course. It’s simple really, and you don’t need to worry about it because we’ll guide you all the way and ensure that this is not a stress you have to deal with.

Travel escorts

Many of these touring escorts are so used to travelling all over the world and working as an escort, that they are also prepared to travel with you, or to your chosen destination. You can always request a travel companion from our escorts, and we can let you know about their availability and what costs may be involved. We can handle it all our end, so all you need to do is book and wait.

Stay up to date with touring escorts

The best way to stay up to date with our touring escorts is to sign up to our newsletter. You’ll get frequent announcements about where the girls are going and who they’re going with, and more. We also have offers and discounts quite a lot too. Another way is to follow us on our Twitter feed, or alternatively just check back in on this page as often as you like. We update all of our galleries at International Sugarbabes in real time as the girls inform us of their travel arrangements.