Tattooed Escorts

Tattooed escorts are now available at International Sugarbabes. There are usually plenty to choose from in this gallery, since they are so very popular. In recent years the tattoo has certainly made a comeback. No longer are tattoos only for sailors and dodgy geezers outside the local pub. This magnificent form of art has become popularised across the world. It’s not considered incredibly sexy to have some tattoos. And it has divided many people into those that find them wildly sexy, and those that don’t like them at all. So, we thought it would be a good idea to create a gallery that’s dedicated entirely to escorts with tattoos. You will find many of these escorts in London, but they are also travelling around the world too. Here at International Sugarbabes, we keep a track of where the girls are on the globe, so you can always book one, no matter where you are!

It would be a mistake to link all tattooed girls with our selection of fetish escorts, but you will find that a lot of them are in there. Perhaps it’s because they have a tattoo fetish (perhaps the same as you), but you can’t always take this for granted. Most of the time it’s because these are highly liberated, non conventional women. Oftentimes the unconventional among escorts, tend to gravitate towards various fetishes too. They’ll enjoy wearing leather and latex, or dressing up in sexy uniforms etc.

Have your own ink?

You don’t have to have your own ink of course, but if you are going to date an escort with tattoos, you can expect that she will be interested in yours too. It’s actually a really good way of breaking the ice with an escort, and an even better way of getting them to remove some of their clothes too! So you see, it could work out to your advantage. We know you’re already interested in tattooed girls, bt make sure you’re extra enthusiastic!

You may also pick up some good tips and recommendations about where to get your tattoos done. Some of these girls have amazing works of art on their bodies, and they have undergone some quite painful sessions to get the look they want. They should be appreciated, or indeed worshipped for the tattooed goddesses they really are. Why some women hide away their tattoos is beyond us here at International Sugarbabes, especially if they are escort girls. The increase in popularity for tattoos can’t be ignored any longer in this industry, there is a huge demand for inked escorts.

Tattooed Porn Stars

You will find a lot of porn star escorts have tattoos. This is obviously for the cosmetic value of them, and they’re always online at some point or other showing off their bodies. It’s also because they can afford to have really good tattoos of course. Porn stars are not short of money, especially if they’re also high class escort girls. We love the ink on some of our girls. Barbie Sins, the lovely British blonde porn star has some fantastic ink. Then of course there is the international sensation Inked Ginger, who definitely has a style and uniqueness of her own when it comes to ink. Stacey Saran, Anna Du Ville, and Zara Du Rose are a few more we could mention whom we admire. They really do all look sensational, but it’s only when you see them up close and personal that you can truly appreciate how beautiful they look.

Show them off!

There’s nothing that our girls love more than showing off. It’s kind of what they do for a living! So, it’s even more impressive with a tattooed escort girl. If you get her to wear a nice revealing outfit and get your own sleeves rolled up, you could have a bit of an exhibitionist evening in London in one of the clubs or casinos, making everyone around you jealous. You can show the city just how wonderful a couple of tattoo crazy lovers have fun. An outcall date like this would certainly be welcomed by the girls you see on this page, and you can bet your life that they will look fantastic.