Slim Escorts

Slim escorts from International Sugarbabes are here to make your dreams come true. All the girls you see on this page have been categorised as slim. We appreciate that many of you like your London escorts to be slim and/or athletic in appearance. The same can be said for the girls we have located internationally too of course. Wherever you are in the world, International Sugarbabes are likely to be able to get you a selection of slim escorts to choose from. We even have travel escort girls who will come to your location internationally. How about that? Fly a girl to your door, wherev4er you are in the world!

Slim escort girls share other characteristics, that are linked to their physical appearance. Most of these girls are very young escorts, mostly in their teens and early twenties. Although there are a number of slender ladies here that are much older. Never think that the more mature escorts won’t also be slim. These women look after themselves considerably, mainly because their careers depend on it. It’s just that the younger girls are almost always naturally slim, and they are lucky enough to not have to do much to maintain their beautiful bodies. The joys of having a great metabolism (or at least a young one!)

Another thing they share is that they have mostly all had a background in modelling and/or dancing. Dancers always seem to have the fittest, most physically attractive bodies. Their tight lean bodies always move so gracefully, and if you have ever seen a talented pole dancer, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Some of these girls have been pole dancers and lap dancers too. Perhaps you can convince one of them to give you a little preview of their extra talents when the two of you meet? We’re sure they would oblige if you ask them very nicely.

London slim escort girls

We need to make one thing pretty clear here. We are not talking about thin escorts, or skinny escorts. When you use these words, it doesn’t conjure a very nice image in your mind. Skinny and thin, are not attractive qualities in anyone, never mind a professional escort. The girls you see on this page are mostly former models, so they know the difference. They know the requirements that they had to meet when they were modelling, or dancing etc. but now they are in the professional escorting world, they can adjust easily. These ladies are highly intelligent and knowledgeable when it comes to healthy nutrition. And it’s for this reason that most of them look so damn good. That, and a lot of time spent in the gym working out of course.

It wouldn’t be much fun to go out on a dinner date with a stick thin model who could only eat lettuce and drink a glass of water. Escorts who are slim, are practically always keen to eat well, drink champagne and party the same as anyone else. They don’t watch what they eat when they are out with a client, because they know it’s all part of the experience. They make up for their indulgences regularly with sensible eating at home, and an adequate amount of exercise. Their lifestyles demand that they look good, so they know exactly what to do.

Specialist slim escorts

Some of the girls are specialists and they literally must stay slim in order to continue offering the type of services they do. Our fetish escort girls for example, mostly all need to keep themselves in good shape to fit into their latex catsuits and leather dominatrix gear! Those that are invited to travel to exotic, far off destinations, often like to have a “beach body,” so to speak; or whatever they call it. So you see, there are some pretty serious reasons to stay slim for most of the girls you see here.

Don’t get us wrong though, they don’t find it a chore at all. It’s mostly a lifestyle choice for them, and once you have changed your habits and committed to a way of life, it becomes a habit. None of these girls feel compelled, or feel as though they are punishing themselves to stay a certain size or weight. It’s all done out of choice. The choices are taken away for models and dancers. One of the other reasons why they enjoy escorting a whole lot more.

Curvy girls

If you prefer your girls with a "bit more meat on them," so to speak, or you prefer to have a more hourglass experience, check out our gallery of Curvy Escorts from International Sugarbabes. We have a nice selection!

Come and spend some time with one of these lovely slim models from International Sugarbabes.