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Russian London Escorts

Russian escorts are available now from International Sugarbabes for incall and outcall services. Most of these girls are available as London escorts, but our Russian babes do tend to travel the world too. So, you could find that some of the girls on this page are available internationally. We have escorts all across Europe, as well as a specialist selection of Dubai escorts that might take your interest if you’re in that part of the world. It will come as no surprise to learn that Russian women are popular all over the world, so there is little wonder that they decide to be represented by the world’s number one international escort agencies.

Russian Women

Russian women have a very pragmatic approach to escorting, and we strongly believe that this is a major contributing factor in making them the ultimate escort experience. Russian women know their worth. They know that they are genetically superior than many other women in the world. Yet they also understand that if they are to make a career out of escorting, they need to be humble and somewhat subservient to their clientele. These women are incredibly smart. Making good use of their looks and their abilities in the escorting community has been developed into a fine art, and it has attracted only the very best among them to rise to the top of their industry. To a Russian escort girl, it’s all about the mindset, and it’s all about the genuine love of the craft. Being a professional hostess takes not only practice, but it takes natural ability to be among the best. You may find that some of the Russian women you see here will be in our VIP gallery of escorts for £600 and above.

Physically, Russian women are quite literally built for escorting. Not all of them of course. But the ones we see in our applications on a daily basis, all seem to be engineered straight out of a glamour magazine. They could easily pursue careers in modelling and glamour, but most of these girls simply can’t get enough male attention. As we said earlier, they know their worth, and they will be damned if they’re going to waste it modelling clothes and makeup, when they can have much more fun. Characteristically, they are slim, with slender legs and perfectly proportioned boobs and ass. Very few Russian women have enhancements, but when they do, they will be subtle and never overly exaggerated. When you find an escort with big boobs on this page, they will almost always be naturally busty.

Incall Russian Escorts

When you find Russian escorts in London, they will almost always offer both incall and outcall services. All the girls we represent at International Sugarbabes offer outcall services, it comes as part of the job really. You will often find these Russian women have very nice apartments too. Their escort service tend to be a luxurious experience, and they are used to the very best, no matter where they are in the world. Perhaps they began their careers in luxury accommodation in Moscow or other Russian cities like St Petersburg, who knows? But we do know that they love the nicer places.

There are many very fine properties in West London, and you will find that a lot of these girls tend to offer escort services in Earls Court, and the Gloucester Road areas, where there are some beautiful old townhouses. When you book an incall service with a Russian girl, you can expect a very nice environment, safe and secure, with all the facilities you could possibly hope for. Not to mention a beautiful woman.

Renowned Service Quality

It’s worth knowing that when you look around the internet for independent escort reviews, you will often find that all the Russian girl reviews are good, if not excellent. We very rarely get any negative feedback for Russian girls. It’s almost as though they are the perfect escort. If you have yet to experience the skills of one of these women, whether it’s at our agency, or any other in the world, you really need to. It doesn’t matter whether she’s expensive, or cheaper, you can always count on a good service.