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Redhead London Escorts

Redhead escorts are a popular choice here at International Sugarbabes, even though there aren’t that many of them. The redheads are a dying breed it seems. But when you look at women like these, you have to ask yourself why this is. These redheads are among the most beautiful in the world. Perhaps it’s evolution, and the fact that there are so many ginger haired people out there that simply aren’t that good looking. When you look at porn star escorts like Kiara Lord, Zara Du Rose and Inked Ginger though, you can believe that there is some hope for red haired people in the future, if girls like this decide to reproduce that is. For now, those delicate red haired people continue to hide themselves from the sun and shut themselves away from the world.

Lucky for us that the selected few, the stunning among the ginger population, have decided to be centre stage. And why not? When something is so very rare, it’s always so very popular! Escorts with red hair always stand out among the rest because of it. And we’re not talking about those shockingly dyed hair dos either, we’re talking about the classic colours. You’ll find some dye jobs here of course, but these girls can really carry it off. Not like Tracey and Sandra on the council estate, sipping their cans of Special Brew behind the wheelie bins! We do not mean those type of hair dye jobs!

Redhead Attributes

Not unlike those Brazilian escort girls, redhead escorts are associated with being quite passionate, and more than a little fiery. We’re not sure if this is actually scientifically proven or anything, but experience would suggest that there’s something in it. Now, think for a moment, can you imagine a Brazilian redhead? Now that would be a woman worth trying to handle! These are obviously emotional associations that we are making here. If you want to know just how passionate a redhead can be, you’ll have to book one for yourself. Do let us know if you agree though won’t you?

Physically there is a significant difference between these escorts and others. And this is clearly their skin. You will find that redhead escorts, are pretty much always very pale skinned. And when they are beautiful models, such as the ones we get at our agency, you can bet that they look like pretty porcelain dolls. Or porn versions of porcelain dolls! This is actually a good way of finding out whether a girl is a natural redhead or not. It’s not fool proof, but it does give some indication. If you want a tanned girl, you’d better go look at the brunettes or blonde escort girls (the real blondes are not as easy to spot!)

Why do they have Red Hair?

Well, interestingly enough, well known research proves that red hair is due to a mutation in a gene called MC1R, which codes for the melanocortin-1 receptor. This means that each and every redhead you encounter is totally unique. Why there aren’t more of them we don’t know. Perhaps it’s because the attractive ones are already taken? At least the girls you see on this page aren’t taken. Or at least if they are, they are not telling us about it!

The great thing about some of these ginger angels is that many of them know how unique they are in body and personality. So they tend to lean towards that authenticity and be more like themselves, totally embracing their uniqueness. You will find that some of these girls are also tattooed escorts, and they fit wonderfully into their alternative lifestyles and in some cases successful porn star careers.

Get Them Before They Are Gone!

So, if you find a London escort with red hair, do your best to get her booked. If only to say that you have dated a redhead. There really is nothing like it. Even better if you get a porn star of course. And there is always a chance of getting a porn star with International Sugarbabes because we have them all!