Welcome to our gallery of international travel escorts. All the girls you see on this page are here for one reason. They’re all prepared to travel practically anywhere in the world with you. You won’t find travel escort services like this just anywhere, and certainly not this professional. Whilst there may be other agencies offering travel companions, most of them won’t be able to organise your trip professionally, or even know where and when the girls can travel. Because we have very good relationships with all of our escorts, we know exactly which of them are able to travel and where they can go. It will please you enormously to learn that we haven’t included any girls in this gallery with too many restrictions.

Most of the time it’s just about obtaining a visa if required for certain destinations, and this can be done easily enough online these days. That is of course if you book your companion with enough notice. It’s important if you are organising a trip abroad that you give us enough notice to arrange your travel escort to accompany you.

Travel escorts for the international jet setters

You may be an international Playboy, or just a travelling businessman with the necessary resources to make his journeys much more pleasant. If you can afford to travel with a beautiful companion by your side, then why not? Never feel lonely again when you travel, anywhere in the world.

Or perhaps it’s strictly pleasure? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your wealth and freedom if you can afford it. Travel to exotic destinations with some of the most attractive and personally well-travelled women on the planet. Their experience will be your privilege. Take a cruise, book a luxury resort or hotel, relax in a five star spa, the options are endless. Dine with a beautiful, classy and sophisticate lady every night of your holiday with International Sugarbabes.

Travel escorts at your destination

There are always options when you’re dealing with professional escorts and a professional agency. We wouldn’t say for a moment that all bookings are the same, or even similar when it comes to international travel. Which is why our service is entirely bespoke. We are capable in so many areas of the international travel escort business, and you can trust us to handle practically every part of your booking.

You could arrange to meet your chosen girl at your destination if you wish. This is a nice alternative to booking a girl who resides in your destination. There may not be anyone you want there for instance. And besides, if you have your heart set on a London travel escort for example, you might just want her where you want her, when you want her. This is what we do, we facilitate your needs and desires, and get you the most suitable girl.

A weekend away with a travel escort

Weekend escorts are also very popular. You don’t have to book an escort to go on holiday for a week or more at all. You could just require a travel escort to go for a nice romantic weekend in the country, or even a UK city break. All of the ladies you see in this gallery have done these types of bookings in the past and greatly enjoyed them. If you want a few ideas, we have some for you.

Why not take your travel escort on a spa weekend somewhere nice and private? You could always go up to the Lake District perhaps if you’re in London. It makes a pleasant change from the polluted city streets you’ve been frequenting. And don’t ever think that because these girls are mostly all high class travel escorts, that they’re not prepared to get involved, so to speak. They enjoy active holidays as much as anyone else. Hiking, cycling or even camping have all been enjoyed at one time or another by these women.

They do get a choice

However, you do have to understand that just because something sounds like your ideal weekend away, it doesn’t mean that it will match that of your chosen travel escort. Just because they are professional travellers, it doesn’t mean that they will enjoy everything you do. They may be prepared to compromise a little if you’re going to a place they’d like to visit. You would just need to contact International Sugarbabes and allow us to negotiate your proposal with your proposed travel companion.

International travel escort companions

This is the same for international travel escorts too of course. However, you will find that most of these women would love to get out of the country for a while, whether it’s a couple of days or a week or more. They like going to luxury beach resorts, like Dubai for example. In fact, if you are travelling there, it might be a good idea to browse our Dubai escorts, just in case there’s a girl there that you’d like to see. We understand that this would defeat the idea of a travel companion of course, but you may not be overly concerned about having one of our girls with you during your journey.

For most however this is the part they look forward to the most. Imagine for a moment if you will, taking your seat in First Class with one of these lovely travel escorts (because you realise of course that they would only really travel first class?) You sit there together on your flight enjoying some champagne and chocolates. A little flirting and all the excitement about your destination and what the two of you are going to get up to together. It’s the stuff of dreams gentlemen, it’s the stuff of dreams!

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