International and London Fetish Escorts

Welcome to our fetish escorts gallery. This page is dedicated to those of you who love fetish play. Or more precisely, those who love fetish escorts. All the girls on this page are into a wide variety of fetishes. This is true in their private lives and their escorting careers. You may be into leather and PVC escorts in London, or elsewhere in the world. Or you may require the services of a foot fetish escort. Whatever your kink, persuasion or fetish, there’s someone for everyone at International Sugarbabes.

BDSM London escorts

BDSM London escorts are by far the most commonly sought after girls in this fetish escort gallery. They also incorporate leather fetish too of course, and a number of others. Leather, PVC and BDSM all go very much hand in hand. We realise that with BDSM fetish escorts there is a lot more to than the attraction to the outfits alone though.

The leather catsuits, high heeled thigh boots, straps and so on, all create the overall mood and arousal. But they are also a symbol of dominance in many cases. These London fetish escorts often use PVC uniforms too, in order to enhance and assert their dominance over their clients. Military themed sexy uniforms, police offers and things like that are very useful for adding that extra special thrill to a domination escort experience. And we don’t mind telling you that these dominatrix escorts really know how to play the role.

Committing to the role

However, it’s all very well having the leather and PVC. An escort can have all the ball gags, whips and restraints she wants, but she needs something much more important. She needs to have the confidence and correct attitude to assert her dominance. We know only too well that a discerning fetish escort hobbyist will know the difference straight away.

Uniform fetish escorts

These are plenty of London escort who have uniforms. In fact we would argue that they are a necessary tool of the trade. A staple addition to every escort’s toolbox, if you like. Every client likes to see their girls dressed up in a playful way. It’s exciting to say the very least, and it may not be something they can get their partners to do for them. However, despite them all having the uniforms, not all of them can truly commit to the fetish roleplay element that’s so very important.

There is a big difference in an escort owning a nurse’s outfit, looking good in the uniform, and actually being able to play the role of the nurse. For the same reason the BDSM escorts need confidence and commitment, so too does a roleplay London escort. Many of you will have perhaps tried to get your wives or previous lovers to indulge you in this area, but we’re betting that most of you have failed miserably. The fetish escorts you see on this page have vast experience of committing to their various roles, and are always happy to tailor your fetish experience just for you.

Incall and outcall fetish escorts

As with any of our London escorts, or girls available elsewhere in the world, our fetish escorts offer both incall and outcall services. They all have nice comfortable apartments, easy to find and access. There is one recommendation we would like to make when it comes to booking fetish escorts. If you are likely to want your companion to change into various outfits and use a variety of fetish toys and equipment, you would be better off with an incall service. This is because the girls are likely to have everything at home where they need it. And you should know that these escort fetish specialists have a lot of equipment.

If you already know what you would like, and what outfits and toys would be needed, se can always bring those with her. Outcalls are recommended only to those who know what they like. Remember, there is nothing worse than being unprepared during a fetish escort session. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get your requests in. When you call, make sure you let your receptionist know what you would like. And don’t worry, we’ve heard it al before. It gives us great pleasure to bring two or more people together with an escort(s) who enjoys the same types of things.

If you're not too concerned about whether or not your escort is into fetish play or not, you may be interested in browsing our gallery of experienced mature London escorts, who can open the door to a whole new world of professional companionship services.