Welcome to our gallery of extremely open minded escorts. All the girls on this page are extremely open minded (or at least they claim to be). Let’s discuss for a while just what this means to you, our clients. Some of you may relate extremely open minded London escorts to offering extreme sexual services. As an agency we cannot, and we will not get into a discussion about this with you, them or anyone else for that matter. As we have said consistently, since we started International Sugarbabes, we are not offering sexual services. We exist as an introduction only agency. If we happen to put you in touch with a London escorts who offers to have sex with you, or anything else, then we suppose that’s your bonus if that’s what you want. We do not claim to know anything about it.

Defining extremely open minded London escorts

They don’t have to be in London of course, we should make that much clear from the start. On this gallery page you will find girls all over the world that consider themselves as extremely open minded escorts. It’s important that you understand the following. What we write about here, and what we have heard to be the definition of an extremely open minded escort, is not an affirmation that any of these girls will perform any of these acts with you or anyone else.

From what we understand, many believe that an extremely open minded escort is a girl who will perform most sexual services. This could involve anal sex, oral sex without a condom, and they also quite probably enjoy cum in the mouth. Again, we reiterate, this is not a confirmation that you will get these services from any of these girls.

It’s also important to understand that these young ladies are human beings. So even if this was an indication that they enjoyed doing these type of sexual acts, it doesn’t mean for a minute that they would enjoy doing them with you. Women in general are not robots there for you to command. We are fortunate here at International Sugarbabes however, and have an excellent client group that never seem to push the boundaries of their temporary relationships with their chosen escorts.

The girls classify themselves

We also believe it’s quite important to mention here that as an agency, we do not stipulate what the services the girls provide, nor do we place them into galleries they don’t want to be in. They are well aware when they sign up with International Sugarbabes that we are acting as their agent. That means that we represent them in a way that they want us to. If they want to be in the extremely open minded escorts gallery, then we will put them in there. This is the same for all the galleries on the website. Were we to tell our clients that the girls did this or that, or force them to appear on various galleries that they were not comfortable with, this could be deemed as controlling them, and this is against the law.


If you have any questions at all about the girls you see on this page, or anywhere else on the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at your convenience. However, we must make it very clear that we will not under any circumstances enter into a discussion about what “services” the girls offer, or how much they charge to do this and that. In our experience, if you have sexual desires you would like to pursue with these ladies, it’s best for you to get this discussion out of the way as soon as you meet with them and before you have exchanged any money. This way you can always back out of an arrangement with minimal cost or inconvenience.

We are happy to ask the girls if they have a  particular outfit you would like to see them in, or anything that does not pertain to sexual acts. You may be interested in what type of food they like the best if you are planning a romantic dinner date for instance. Or you may have a specific social function you need to attend and your companion is required to wear something appropriate.

As always, we are here to help and we want you to have the very best escort experience possible, wherever you are in the world.

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