Exclusive London escorts

Welcome to our gallery of exclusive escorts. We hesitate to say exclusive London escorts, simply because they’re not all in London. Most of them are here at some point or other, touring mostly, but some of the girls you see here are based elsewhere. There are a number of talented porn star escorts in this gallery for example, who spend a lot of time touring the world. They list with International Sugarbabes because we are one of the only agencies that can represent them and deal with their bookings wherever they go. They don’t want the hassle of having to list independently in all the countries they travel to, so they have an agent.

International escorts on tour and international porn stars require an agency that knows the business. We have exclusive Dubai escorts, exclusive Paris escorts, Milan, Budapest and many more places. You won’t find a London escort agency with such a wide global reach anywhere else, and this is the most obvious reason we have so many exclusive escorts.

What is an exclusive escort?

This brings us rather neatly along to a definition of what an exclusive escort actually is. For those of you who are not aware, it means that these girls list only with our agency. This is incredibly important for the touring escorts in particular, as we said. They need to know that they have an agency that has contacts and advertising arrangements in other countries. And they also need to know that their agency can get them the bookings. Otherwise, what’s the point in registering with them?

So, they list themselves exclusively with the agency that gets them the most work, so they don’t have to mess about dealing with other agencies, and often with conflicting booking requests. This also allows an exclusive escort to restrict the number of bookings she does, and the number of times she is contacted. When one of our touring porn star escorts decides to go to Dubai for a holiday, but wants to work, she just tells us she is going and tells us how much she wants to work. We will send her jobs according to what she has requested. It’s really that simple. But girls won’t do this with all agencies. They need to know that they won’t be bothered with continuous requests from their agent to do this and that and to go here and there when they have already stated what they are able to do.

Trust is earned

This kind of trust is head earned by an escort agency, and there aren’t that many agencies in London or anywhere else who can boast that they have even one or two exclusive London escorts. We are a very good team at International Sugarbabes, and this is why the ladies we represent choose us. We look out for the companions we represent, and their safety and happiness are very important to us. That and the fact that we are easy to work with, we don’t overcharge the girls on commission, and we have a very nice, ever growing bunch of London escort clients and international hobbyists.

British escort agency for British girls

This is another thing that weighs heavy in our favour we believe. Whist we do represent girls from Europe and beyond, we have a lot of British escorts working in London too. Some of them are older women too, and we are by far the most preferred choice for mature escorts in the world. Our British mature escorts love to work with British agencies. We don’t know exactly why. Perhaps it’s just because they can communicate their requirements clearer to us, or that they know we can relate to them more. We are an all-female team at International Sugarbabes too!