Welcome to our gallery of European escorts. It’s important to help you understand that all the girls on this page are European. This does not mean that they are currently offering their escort services in Europe. They may well be operating in Dubai, or they could be London escorts. These are all the girls that we represent who are originally from a European country. We don’t discriminate any particular nationality here at International Sugarbabes either. As far as we are concerned, if these lovely ladies are beautiful, intelligent and popular enough, they are welcome to be a part of the Sugarbabes team.

The beauty of European escorts

In our vast experience with the London escort business, we have always found European girls to be very popular. This is mostly due to their flawless good looks. We’re not quite sure what it is about those European girls that makes them so very attractive, but there is certainly something. Eastern European escorts in particular are all usually stunning to look at. Whether all women from that part of the world are, or a large proportion of them at least, is something we can’t possibly say. We have travelled to Budapest, The Czech Republic and beyond however, and we can certainly attest to their being a huge number of gorgeous women there.

This is true for western European escorts, and women in general too. Spanish girls, Italian girls with their olive skin and beautiful brown eyes have always been a very big attraction for British men we realise. Now your fantasies can become realities. With International Sugarbabes, we are likely to be able to set you up on a date with a girl from practically any European country on the map.

Escorts from Europe

Unlike so many other London escort agencies, we do not restrict ourselves to representing only eastern European escorts. We welcome applications and are happy to represent girls from all over Europe. French escorts, Spanish escorts, German, Italian and many more areas of Western Europe are represented at International Sugarbabes. We wouldn’t be very “International” if we didn’t list from so many nations, now would we?

Available all over Europe too

On top of the fact that we list girls from all over Europe, we also list them as available all over Europe. For instance, you could have an eastern European escort from Romania, working in Paris. Or a British London escort working in Budapest. So, you see, girls come to us from all over the world, and we represent them anywhere they choose to operate. This is the beauty of having a truly international escort agency. If you browse our galleries you will find that these girls appear, not only all over London, but also in Dubai on occasion, as well as other countries. You can book them for incall bookings at their place, or you can have them travel to your apartment or hotel room wherever you are in the world. We also have a number of girls who are willing to travel further afield for bookings and on extended vacation type bookings, as well as touring escorts that travel all over the world to pursue their escorting careers. It’s always worth taking a look at that gallery, you never know who might be touring near you.

Eastern European escorts

As we mentioned earlier, those eastern European escorts are really beautiful. However, some people don’t book them because they have read somewhere that these girls are not very good company, or they have somehow overtaken the London escort industry. This is an old story that’s really quite nonsense anyway. There was a massive influx of eastern European escorts into London many years ago, but this is a good thing. And the reason there have been complaints about these specific girls is because there are so many of them here. There are less likely to be as many complaints for Brazilian escort than European escorts, simply because there aren’t as many. And besides all of that, it’s never fair to make judgements on an entire group of escorts because of the mistakes of one or two. And to be perfectly honest, we have never had a single complaint about any of our European escorts, eastern or western.

When you go to any independent escort review website these days, you will struggle to find many bad reviews for any girls, no matter where they come from. Agencies have become much more discerning about who they pick, and the days when waves of girls came over to London are pretty much drawing to a close. The only eastern European girls that work in London today, are usually very good at what they do (agency girls at least, there are a few bad independent girls out there, but you should never book independent).

British escorts

It’s all very well having all these gorgeous European escorts to choose from, but sometimes you just want to book a good old fashioned English girl. If you’re in the market for a British London escort we have you covered there too. And don’t worry, they’re just as beautiful as these lovelies. They’re all beautiful at International Sugarbabes.