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Escorts on Holiday

Welcome to our gallery of girls on holiday. No, before you start, it doesn’t mean they’re taking bookings when they’re sunning themselves on some Spanish beach somewhere. It means that they are taking a break, they’re on holiday and they want to relax. If you want to book a girl that does want to take bookings when they’re on holiday, you’d probably be able to find one of those beauties in the touring escorts gallery. Here you’ll find a number of porn stars who like to take bookings whilst they’re away on shoots or holidaying with friends.

This gallery primarily exists to show you who we actually represent at International Sugarbabes, whether they are available or not. Sometimes we will have an idea if and when they are coming back, but not always. If you want more information about any particular girl you can always get in touch with us anyway, but we doubt we will be able to give you any more current information regarding their availability, than what you can see here in this gallery. It’s a good place to check in from time to time, just to make sure your favourite girl is still in the business, or when she’s likely to be back.

Profiles and Pictures

It also takes time to create these profiles and add the pictures and information onto them. So, you will forgive us if we want to hang onto them. A London escort, or indeed any escort come to think of it, can be a very complex woman. She might not always know what she wants and when she wants it basically. One minute she could say that she’s off around the world, or she’s settling down in some corner of the country, and the next she’ll ask to be relisted on the website. We like to have those details ready for such a thing. Put it this way, experience has taught us well. We know the girls, they know us, and most of the time they appreciate us not letting them go completely.

Forward Planning is an Option

If you see that a girl is coming back on a certain date, or at least expected to return, you may be able to plan ahead a little. We know not all of you prefer this option. Most of you like to call and book for the next hour or so, but there are those who appreciate a little forward planning. If this is the case and you see a girl here in the Holiday gallery, you would be well advised to double check with reception whether or not the girl in question may well take an advance booking. We can often get hold of the girls, even when they are not working, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.

Most of the British escort girls that are unavailable for short periods of time, simply go back to their hometowns for a while. Some come down to London at the weekends or alternate long weekends or for weeks at a time (it varies). These are the type of escorts who will surely appreciate knowing that they have some advance bookings waiting for them. Also, it’s worth pointing out that if you express an interest in a girl that’s not currently available, we may still contact them, and you could be the reason they return to London if the booking is worth their while. Nothing like getting a few clients lined up to afford themselves a weekend away!

Regardless of who you want, or when you want her, it’s always best to check in with the lovely International Sugarbabes receptionists. These girls work tirelessly to gather the information you need, and contact the girls for their bookings on a daily basis. If anyone knows what’s what, it’s them.

It’s also a good idea to keep your eyes on the International Sugarbabes Blog page too. You could find our some valuable information about the girls, or something else equally interesting pertaining to the international escort industry.