Curvy Escorts

Curvy escorts are always popular from International Sugarbabes. We are guessing that those of you who choose to date curvier women, are those who appreciate the more “real woman” look. You more than likely appreciate busty escort girls, as well as those with nice big round asses, and curvy hips. The whole hourglass figure is incredibly attractive these days, as it has always been. It’s definitely making a comeback. Think about the gorgeous models and actresses from yesteryear. Think about Marilyn Monroe for example, she wasn’t a slim model by any means. We forget what dress size she was, but she certainly wasn’t one of those size six celebrities you see these days. She was a real woman, with real curves, and she looked fabulous.

Think about the Kim Kardashians of this world too. Those types of girls have great features. The celebs of this world may well have surgically enhanced their bodies to get a curvier look, but there are many natural exotic looking babes out there too. Take our Brazilian escorts for example. Here you have girls that can be curvy as well as slim! They usually have perfect hourglass figures, and they know how to use them!

Those Latin models are one group of girls that can pull off both slim and curvy, but not all of you want a slim escort girl, whether she has the curves or not. Some of you want a woman that has all the curves and a few extra pounds here and there too. More like that average woman, but amplified, if you get what we mean. You will find those girls here too. International Sugarbabes are proud to be an agency that represents any woman who wants to offer escort services. We are only too well aware that our clients enjoy the company of a wide variety of girls.

BBW escort girls

BBW stands for “big, beautiful woman”. Well, at least we think it does. It’s something like that anyway. There are a lot of BBW escort fans out there, and we have decided to include these girls in our curvy category too, since there never seems to be that many to warrant having their own gallery. That’s not to say they are not popular however, they really are, so it’s a surprise to us that more girls who have a few extra pounds, aren’t offering escort services in London and internationally.

This is mostly due to the negative image that modern day media continues to reflect on women. It’s shocking that in the 21st century there could still be such media bias in things like this. It doesn’t matter how much companies and advertisers try to be more inclusive, it will never work until attitudes change globally, and that means everyone. Many people already know that if you’re going to spend time with a sexy woman, the more curvy and BBW escorts are often some of the very best. Confident in their appearance, and with lots of knowledge how exactly to use their bodies and their minds to ensure their client has the time of his life!

London Curvy Mature Women

Not all, but some of our more mature escort girls have the type of curvy attributes you admire so much, and we are happy to say that these women are also very experienced. This has enabled them to become supremely body confident. Many of them don’t waste their lives slaving away in the gym to get tight and firm all over. They have the right curves, and they are natural women. Not all of them of course, there are a few mature gym bunnies out there. But the vast majority of older women do indeed have the natural curves you are looking for, and if you have yet to experience the service quality, and the overall affection of an older escort, you really should try one of them out.