Welcome to our gallery of British escorts at International Sugarbabes. We are incredibly proud to offer the largest choice of English escorts in London. Some girls are also available internationally. On this page you will see them all. Most of them will be in London, making booking an escort very easy. Some of these good time girls are in other major UK cities from time to time. But London appears to be the place where our English girls are the most popular. It’s lucky for them too, because they love it here in here. Always so many men to meet, so many wonderful places to eat, and so many boutiques for them to indulge in one of their favourite hobbies. No, it's actually not men, it's shopping.

For what would an English escort be without her Jimmy Choos and her Carine Gilson knickers? These women love the best of the best, and they deserve the best of the best. When you date an English woman, no matter how old she is or who you are, you’re going to have an experience you will never forget. People talk about French women and the passionate Italians, but they’ve never really captured the true essence of a British woman. To be a British escort in London (or anywhere in the world) is to be the very epitome of British female power and self-confidence.

The best British escorts in the world

Let’s get more specific than simply talking about female companions per se. What exactly is it about British ladies? To a foreign visitor it might be something as simple as wanting a date with a woman who knows her way around London and can read the menu in a restaurant. She could effectively act as a tour guide if you wanted her to be. Or it could be that an English escort’s accent is appealing to an overseas visitor. It isn’t as though UK escorts look tremendously different to girls from elsewhere in the world. Excepting those girls who are clearly Asian or Latin in origin of course. But they do have a certain something about them.

You will find that there are some British girls with asses just as big and round as a Brazilian woman’s for example. And the way things are in London these days, it’s very difficult to say what exactly a British woman has that others do not in physical terms. We all live in such a diverse world and London is such a cosmopolitan city, filled with a huge range of different cultures and races.

The English London escort

The British London escort has it all going for her. She is in her home country, and in most cases her home town. She knows what she wants, where she is going and who she is spending time with. The British London escort, unlike many European escorts, will have a firmly established group of friends here in Central London. Even if her friends are not aware of what she does, she will still be more well-rounded socially than European or Russian girls. This means that she will be happier and more secure, and this will rub off on you when you book her. When a woman has a very full life, and she chooses to accept a booking with you, you know she really wants to see you. These English babes are very keen and offer great girlfriend experiences.

Mature British escorts

You will find that we also have a very good choice of mature Brit ladies in London. These women have been working with us for a long time, and they don’t just work with anyone. When you’ve been escorting for a few years, you do gain a lot of insight into the business, and the agencies and people within them. Believe us when we tell you that the mature escorts you see on this page, certainly wouldn’t have allowed us to represent them had we not already proved ourselves. These British women are at a stage in their career where they get to be as discerning when it comes to choosing an agency, as we are when we choose to represent girls. Some of them are part time, high end call girls, and they really can’t afford to associate with an escort service agency that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Trust us when we say that a dinner date experience with one of these ladies, will be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

British porn star escorts

We are also blessed with a terrific choice of UK porn star escorts available all over the world, not just in London. These young ladies are often away on professional shoots in other parts of the world, or here in London. Either that or they just fancy a holiday or weekend shopping trip etc. So you can bet your life that they’re going to want company whilst they’re away. This is the place to book them. Many of them are actually based in London too, so you will always find a British porn star here waiting for you when you need them! You can also visit our dedicated gallery, where you will see all the porn star escort available in London and elsewhere in the world.

Booking your British Call Girl

It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling us. You can also book via text message if you prefer, or even email. Calling or messaging will be the quicker option of course, but it’s up to you. Our British escorts in London and elsewhere in the world are ready to meet you at your convenience. You will always find them dressed to impress and eager to please. We only ever represent those English ladies that have a proven track record of good feedback. If we ever take on new British girls, we will always thoroughly screen them prior to sending them bookings.

Do yourself a favour. Don’t book from an escort directory, and don’t always trust an independent escort. Book from a London escort agency that has experience with these girls. International Sugarbabes is the one to call.