Welcome to our gallery of £600+ London escorts. The cheapest girls on this page are priced at £600 an hour, so they’re not for any of you who aren’t prepared to pay big bucks for an experience that’s going to be out of this world. But that’s not all, some of the elite escorts on this page can be as much as £1000+ an hour. These girls are mostly celebrities, that you would expect to pay a lot more money for, but there are some high class ladies here that are just incredibly good at their job!

The high class escort experience

If you’ve never booked a high class London escort, it’s probably time you did. But it’s not for everyone of course. Money aside for the moment, these women are at the top of their game and offer outstanding services, but they are used to only the very best in life. Whilst they are happy to do simple, short incall bookings with discerning clients, if you are to book them for an extended outcall, it would need to be a special date.

These are not the type of women you invite to a dingy hotel to see you. They don’t do Travelodge bookings for goodness sake! If you book an escort like this to come and see you, you’ll need to be in a classy place. These are elegant, discerning and highly intelligent women who are not easily impressed. Not that you have to impress them of course, it’s just nice if you make an effort. They are comfortable in hotel suites with copious amounts of champagne room service. They like to have a butler, they like to be flown across the world in private jets, or party in the sun on luxury yachts.

The rich man’s dinner date

If you can afford to book a night with an escort who charges £1000 an hour for her time, you can more than likely afford these luxuries. In fact you probably already have these luxuries. So when it comes to taking them out to dinner, this too has to be something spectacular. You’re bound to be staying in a nice hotel if you’re in London visiting, so why not dine at the restaurant there. The Savoy, The Dorchester, The Ritz, The Langham, they all have great restaurants too. Sip some champagne in the bar before dinner. In fact, agree to meet one of these ladies in the bar and it will be an even more impressive evening.

High Class London escort services

When you book the services of a high end, elegant and sophisticated escort like the girls you see on this page, you can expect that she can do practically anything you could care to imagine. Whether she will or not is up to her though, and not you. Something we wish to make very clear to you here. Just because you are paying for some of the most expensive escorts in London, it does not entitle you in any way, to anything at all.

And as we say to all our clients, no matter whether they book an escort for £150, a girl for £300 or any other for that matter, it’s important to define your boundaries at the beginning of your date. It doesn’t matter if you have booked the most expensive porn star in London or anywhere else in the world, you still need to make sure she is going to offer you the service you are seeking, at the beginning of your booking. This gives you a chance to leave, or send her home if you are not happy. You can always call the agency and have us send someone else if you wish, we are here to serve.

More choice?

If you’d like more choice and you’re not bothered what the price of your chosen girl is, you can always browse our full list of available London escorts. Remember that if you were planning on spending £600 or more on an escort, you could book a £200 girl for three hours or more! It’s all about the attraction in our experience, so price doesn’t really have much to do with it. You’re just as likely to get a good service from a cheaper companion as you are from a super high end escort. If you like the look of her and you get on well, there’s no telling how much fun you can have. And after all, these prices aren’t created by us, these are chosen by the girls themselves. They know what they are worth and they will not compromise under any circumstances at all. We think that shows confidence and strength of character.