Welcome to our gallery of £300 London escorts. The girls you see on this page range from £300 upwards towards the very high-end escorts for £600+. Girls in this category are incredibly good at their job. Not that the others aren’t of course, but these girls are often very exceptional. On top of that, you will find a number of really hot porn actresses offering escort services at this level.

Porn star fees

You’ll often find most of the porn star London escorts priced between £300-600 also. A porn star prices herself in this bracket mostly because she has a certain standard of fee that she’s already used to in the porn industry. They get paid quite well in that business, but as you can appreciate, they’re not working all the time. They like escort bookings most of all to top up their income, and also because an escort booking is much more like a date. They don’t feel very much like they’re dating their co-stars on set, not when they’re naked, with their legs in their air and a mouthful of you know what!

What £300 buys you

Well, as we’ve said before in other price categories, it’s not something we can really say much about. However, £300 is twice as much as you would pay for a cheap London escort, so you would expect a little more for your money. We won’t go into precise levels of service for obvious reasons, and we don’t know much about them anyway, but we do have faith in the fact that the girls know their own worth and are happy to price themselves accordingly.

When you book a porn star escort for example, she’s going to have a lot of experience with men, and she’s going to be a very confident date. Whether you take them out, or you stay in at their apartment or yours, she’s going to make it a date to remember. And some of the British adult stars we have at International Sugarbabes really know London well too, so there is all that experience to consider. We would say that the money you spend on one of those escorts would be very well spent indeed.

£300 incall escort prices

Prices on this page start at £300, but it’s important that you understand that this is a starting point for incall bookings. If you book a £300 lady for an outcall, she’ll be chagrining you an extra £50 for her expenses. This too can sometimes be a little more, depending on whereabouts you are, but these fees will be discussed with you prior to confirmation of your booking anyway.

All the fees you see on this page are the starting fees for incall services unless otherwise stated. For more information about outcalls, dinner date bookings and overnights etc. you can click on the girl who interests you and find out more information. And if you have any questions at all, just call us and we’ll do our best to help you.

We do not discuss “extras”

If you believe that some of the girls on this page charge extra fees for certain services, we are afraid to say that we will not be answering any questions about this. It’s not in our interests to get involved in what happens between an escort and her client. The prices you see here are the base prices that you pay for the time and companionship of the escort you choose, nothing more and nothing less. Anything else is to be discussed in person with your date when you meet.

To avoid any embarrassment and disappointment, we would strongly advise you to discuss what you expect from your escort experience with your chosen lady as soon as you meet. This way you can get it all out of the way and concentrate on enjoying yourselves. Also, if there is a particular thing you would like to do, that your escort does not wish to participate in, you will have the opportunity to not go through with your booking. You will not be thought any less of if you decide not to go through with it, and you do not have to pay any money to your companion. These terms may change if you have booked an outcall experience, and you may be required to at least pay for her travel expenses.

Remember that if our £300+ escorts are a little too expensive for you, there’s a terrific range of £200 girls in London at International Sugarbabes too.