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This is where you will find our cheap London escorts. Or in fact you will find all our escorts who are this price anywhere in the world. They will all mostly be in London of however, since pounds sterling is our currency and we are predominantly London based. These are the cheap escorts you’re looking for. The girls who don’t need to charge a fortune for their service, and those who like to have plenty of bookings. A cheaper companion means that they get more bookings perhaps, but this is a good thing and it means they have a lot more experience. Girls at this price are no less talented than those of any other pricing category at International Sugarbabes, it’s literally just what they want to charge.

In some cases it may be that they are only charging £150 because that is their basic fee, for a basic service. But what you need to understand here is that even the basic service of one of these ladies is enough. If you book any of our £200+ escorts, you may find that they don’t charge you extra for added services. What these are we won’t go into here, they are wide and varied so we’re told, and we have no business interfering in what goes on between an escort and her client.

Never Devalue a £150 Escort

Whether they charge extra for anything or not, you should never think for a moment that these girls aren’t worth much more. Pricing your service as a London escort must be an incredibly difficult task, and it’s not one that we would like to do. There are two schools of thought when it comes to a cheap escort. You can choose to charge much more, but get less bookings, or charge just £150 and get more bookings. There are girls at this price who make much more money than some of the really high end companions. In actual fact we could argue that some of the cheaper escorts are pretty classy themselves.

A Word of Warning About Cheap Call Girls

And to being with, the reason we say “call girls” is because we’re talking about the type of service providers who advertise in the back of magazines and in London call boxes. You may well find really cheap girls in these adverts, but you will not be satisfied. You’re probably going to get ripped off. You may well get to see a girl, but she’s more than likely not going to be the one you see in the advert. Virtually all those girls on those call box cards are not realistic, and it’s even worse calling a number out of a paper or magazine.

When you book what you think is an affordable escort, and you get to their apartment only to find it’s someone else, it’s very awkward. Sometimes you feel obliged to pay them anyway, but you really don’t have to. Make sure you get to see the girl before you enter the apartment. There is a trick that these types of cheap girls try with their clients, where they hide behind the door as they open it. Their client walks in and the escort closes the door behind them. Then you feel even more obliged to stay. Please make your excuses and leave as quickly as you can. And if you can, refuse to enter until the girl shows herself. You may have other ideas in your mind, but try to keep a level head at this moment.

Agency Escorts for £150

When you’re booking from an agency, this never happens. And even if it did, it would only happen once. This is because an agency like ours would take them off the website immediately. There’s never any excuse for an agency to have a girl on their website who is operating a “bait and switch” system. You can count on all the girls you see in this gallery to be genuine. They are the girls you will meet, and they all get consistently good feedback. If you are in any doubt at all, or you have any concerns about a girl you see from International Sugarbabes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

More Girls

We also have escorts for £300 and upwards, and escorts for £400 and upwards. In fact, we have girls for any budget really. It just depends on what takes your fancy!