London Escorts Back in Business

It’s been too long for some of our lovely London escorts. The pandemic hit some of the girls pretty hard. Even those escorts who work in porn were struggling, since both their industries were on pause for the foreseeable future. We are incredibly relieved, to say the very least. We have seen girls quit, and even some agencies fold under the enormous financial pressure. But now they’re back and better than ever. The London escorts we have at International Sugarbabes have a new lease of life, and they are really eager to get back “to it,” if you know what we mean.

If you have yet to book one of these lovely ladies, since before the pandemic, welcome back guys! We are really looking forward to taking your bookings. We know some of you are still a little anxious, but we would like to reassure you that the girls really aren’t stupid. These are intelligent ladies who know when not to work, and they all know about regular testing and isolation periods etc. Not that it’s even a requirement these days, but the girls are still extra careful. So, between them taking these precautions and the fact that most of you out there will have been double jabbed, there really isn’t much reason not to visit one of the girls, or have them come stay with you in your hotel.


We’re not sure whether any of you stayed over in London during the pandemic, but the hotels were pretty cautious. Something as little as being greeted by a receptionist in a mask was enough to put a dampener on anyone wishing to have fun in London. Then you had to walk in a particular direction, breakfasts were off, and restaurants and bars were closed. Not a very enjoyable trip to an otherwise fantastic city.

Now it’s all back to normal. The hotel bars are open, people are happy and having fun. The restaurants are all open and welcoming in both old customers and new. It’s like the swinging sixties in some places these days. So, why not book yourself a London escort date and make the most of this time. Let’s be honest, the way things are these days, you never quite know when the next drama will explode onto the scene and change everyone’s life!


New escort girls are arriving at International Sugarbabes all the time. And that’s not just in London either. Don’t forget that we are one of the most popular agencies for Paris escorts, and also touring escorts in Dubai – to name just a couple of places. We are happy to report that our agency is lucky enough to get applications from all over the world. And when we say “all over” we don’t mean what many other agencies mean. Some agencies claim they get girls from all over the world, but they neglect to tell you that they get barely any from the UK! We are proud to say that we are one of the most popular British escort agencies in London today.

On top of that, due to the new increase in their arrival in London, we have created a great new Russian escort gallery. Russian girls really do have something very special to offer the escort community, and you simply have to try one to believe how good they are. We expect to hear excellent reports!

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