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London City Escorts

Welcome to our gallery of London City escorts. These City escorts are a welcome addition to the International Sugarbabes team, since we know there is such a demand for quality companions in this area of London. The City, otherwise known as City of London, or London City, is home to many of you during your working week, and we know that a great number of you would very much appreciate the talented skills of one of our girls. Trouble is that most escorts in London are in the West End and not readily accessible to you bankers and “city boys”. You end up forced to spend your unwinding time in the local pubs after work, rather than with an adorable woman to take care of you.

But now you don’t have to. You can spend your money on something far more rewarding than several pints of beer and an unsatisfying kebab before catching the train home. Why not leave the office, grab a coffee and head on over to one of our incall London City escort apartments where you’ll be well looked after. You can expect to find your lady waiting for you, dressed to thrill, smelling beautiful and eager to make you nice and relaxed. She’ll have a nice shower with clean, fresh towels waiting for you, and perhaps even some nice refreshments too. You can chat and get to know each other in a lovely private and intimate setting. Much better than standing outside a noisy pub in the city because there’s literally no room left inside.

City Escorts Know What You Need

Most of the City escorts we have listed at International Sugarbabes at any one time tend to be British anyway. We’re not sure why that is. Perhaps it’s because the European escorts and the Russians tend to prefer the West End way of life and clientele. Either way, you’re in for a treat, because there’s nothing like a British escort for really genuine and affectionate companionship.

So leave the Leadhall Market boozers alone and book an incall City of London escort experience. We are betting that you’ll make it a regular thing if you can afford it. When you think about it, it’s much better for you, even if you have to save up your pennies to see one of the girls. If you skip the boozer after work for a few nights, you’ll soon have the money for an exciting incall escort experience. And what’s more is that you’ll be healthier for it too! Who said escorts weren’t good for you?

All the incall escorts we have at International Sugarbabes know what they’re doing of course, don’t get us wrong. But when it comes to girls in The City, they have a particular knowledge. They have to be aware of the type of clients they have there. City clients are different. They are often predominantly British, they are often pushed for time, they are mostly wealthy, but nearly always stressed out. This is quite different to those the girls get in the West End, who can come from a variety of different places and cultures, and are also tourists and people that are travelling in London for only a brief time. These clients are also likely to be very wealthy and a lot more relaxed. So you see, if you’re a City escort, you need to know how to deal with your man.

London City for Visitors

You could be visiting City of London of course. Either on business, or for pleasure, it makes no difference. If you are, you’re likely to need a few recommendations: where to stay, where to eat and drink etc. You could of course just be here to see one of the gorgeous companions we have to offer.

If you like a bit of “surf and turf” when you’re traveling you couldn’t get better than Burger and Lobster, on Threadneedle Street if you’re in the area. Hawksmoor is a renowned steak restaurant on Basinghall Street that will impress you too if you’re a meat lover. Hell, when you come to think of it, there are so many places to eat in this busy area, you’d be hard pushed not to hit a restaurant that you would enjoy, just by walking around. There are pubs and eateries literally all over the place. Not surprising when you consider just how many of you fellas there are working in those massive office buildings.

If course if it’s a real classy date you’re after, book one of our escorts and take her to The Shard, just over London Bridge to the south of City. It doesn’t get better than Galvin’s in this area of London, and the view is absolutely incredible. We are certain that your date will feel the same, and she’ll be suitably impressed and eager to show her appreciation.

Elsewhere in London

Don’t forget that you can view all the girls we have in City, Central and the West End of London in our main London gallery. When you think about, the tube system leaves you literally minutes away from any of the girls in London really. All you need to do is calculate how long it’s going to take to get you there before you call to book. No point in booking and then leaving yourself ten minutes to get across the other end of town. If you need any help in deciding, or choosing the nearest available girl for your location, just ask our receptionists. All the receptionists at International Sugarbabes have extensive knowledge of London, and all the girls we have there, so they’ll be happy to help you out.