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Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv Escorts

Welcome to our gallery of Tel Aviv escorts. It’s not your usual type of destination to find an agency representing girls, but as we have consistently said about the girls at International Sugarbabes, wherever they go, we will represent them. If they want us to of course. There aren’t many porn star escorts that don’t want us to represent them wherever they go, so you will likely find one or two of them in these types of destinations. Why they go to these places is anyone’s guess. It’s mostly sun, sea and fun we’re pretty sure, but sometimes it’s a modelling or porn shoot that takes them to far off lands.

If you’re a resident and looking for a new escort in Tel Aviv, our touring girls are always going to be a welcome surprise to you. Be sure to check this page regularly if you’re looking for fun with a travelling escort, but you can always check the travelling girls page too. You never know if there might be a girl not too far away, who is willing to travel to your location for a date. It’s obviously best to make it a long booking, because there will be travel expenses to take into account. You can find out more about our international travel escorts by calling the agency.

What’s Happening in Tel Aviv?

It’s not surprising that some of our models like it here. Right on the Israeli coast, Tel Aviv really is a beautiful place to stay, top up your tan and have some fun in the process. If you have the right company of course. If you’re from out of town and you’re looking for somewhere to stay here, there’s always an English-speaking receptionist or concierge at hand, so you don’t have to worry there. It is after all a universal language, and it’s only the English themselves that are too lazy to learn any other.

The Hilton is always a nice choice, not matter where you go in the world, and you will find a very nice one here near the coast, with some wonderful views. It’s reasonably priced too, and you can always invite along one of our lovely Tel Aviv escorts to enjoy it with you. Another choice would be The Orchid, or White Villa hotel, in the city centre and not far from interesting places like the Museum of Art and the beautiful Frishman Beach. The beauty of Tel Aviv is of course that the city centre is on the coast, so you get the best of both worlds. You might want to get dressed before you go into town though, your beach wear may well be frowned upon.

Incall and Outcall Services Available

Wherever the girls are in the world, they usually offer both incall and outcall services. This is especially true for the porn star touring escorts of course, who like to have a good base of operations, so to speak. They can afford nice places to stay too, where you won’t be bothered by anyone and feel perfectly safe and secure visiting. Outcall services are often preferred by out of town visitors however. Tel Aviv can be an intimidating place, like any other foreign country if you’re not used to it, so hotel visits are often preferred. Our girls are all highly professional and very confident when it comes to this type of booking. You needn’t worry about a thing. You are always well taken care of with a girl from International Sugarbabes.

If you have any questions at all about the girls, or our service, be sure to ask whenever you feel like it. You can usually get us on the phone, or via message on WhatsApp or text. If we don’t get back to you straight away and it’s an urgent enquiry, do please call though, it’s by far the quickest and easiest way to get us.

Review Your Experience

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we always appreciate reviews. You review doesn’t always have to be for a London escort. You can review a girl from anywhere in the world on some of the independent escort reviews sites out there. The Erotic Review for example is a very good place to review escorts experiences from international destinations. If you have any questions at all about reviews, again, please feel free to ask. We’re betting that if you review your experience with a Tel Aviv escort, it may be one of only a few.