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Welcome to our gallery of Montpellier escorts. All the girls you see on this page reside in Montpellier, or very close by. You can also expect to find some of our travelling escort girls. These women tour the world, travelling and having fun, and they work as escorts along the way. It’s a popular pastime for porn star escorts too. After all, they get to all kinds of places in the world for their work. If a porn shoot is available in Montpellier, or close by, then it’s the perfect opportunity to earn some money and have even more fun whilst the girls are travelling. And the South of France is a very beautiful place to visit of course.


Not too far from Marseille, or even Monaco for that matter, Montpellier has all the same charm and prestige of these places. In a truly stunning part of the world too. There are some wonderful hotels in the area, fabulous restaurants, and let’s not forget the French Riviera if you want to do some touring of your own. Perhaps you have your own yacht, or you’ve hired one? The type of girls you get here in Montpellier are the type that really go for that sort of thing. These are luxurious escorts, who are truly at home with the finer things in life. They enjoy expensive champagne, the best cuisines from all over the world. All enjoyed in the finest surroundings possible.


If you have never been to the region before, you may be looking for some advice on where to stay. Google can help you out there of course, as always, but it’s nice to get a few suggestions from real Montpellier escorts who have stayed here before. Or at least some information about hotels that they may have visited in the past. Hôtel Spa Plage Palace is one of the better choices, and it’s right on the coast with wonderful views. On top of that, it’s a spa too, and there are some great seafood restaurants nearby. We have it on very good authority that this is a nice place to entertain escorts in Montpellier.


Most of the girls we have in this region will have their own apartment, or at least be renting one in the area. Sometimes they will have a hotel room, in a more than accommodating place of course, with no problem for client access etc. However, most of the time, these touring escorts will be required to come to your hotel room or apartment. In this part of the world it’s more common with the touring escorts. Either way, you can expect nothing but professionalism at all times. They don’t mess around, and we make sure that they are all they can be before we agree to take them on. Just because most of them are porn stars, it doesn’t give them an automatic qualification in escorting.

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