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Welcome to our gallery of Milan escorts. Here you will find all the girls we have available to you in Milan – Italy. And they’re not all necessarily Italian, as you will soon find out. You’re not always likely to score an Italian whilst you’re in Milan anyway, so it’s a good thing you have International Sugarbabes to help you out. We have long been representing girls in this fine Italian city, and we are certain that we will continue. As long as there are men like yourself in Milan, whether you’re travelling or residing there, we will always have a girl for you.

It’s also worth pointing out that it’s a tremendously popular place for our escorts to go on holiday. They love the style of Milan, and of course the fashion. This is why you will find so many London escorts going over here for a visit. And they don’t want to be lonely whilst they’re in Milan, so they usually spend a while there and get us to find them clients to keep them company and fund their shopping expeditions. It’s very attractive to our international porn star call girls too of course. These ladies make a career out of looking good, as well as pleasing men both on and off screen.


Well, it is to these wonderful young models anyway. We’re positive that you guys like to look good for your girls too. Milan is the place to get all your fashion essentials, and a number of those not so essential items. You try telling a Milan escort that she doesn’t need another pair of shoes, and you’ll probably end up with a high heel sticking out of your head. Shopping and style is everything to these women. You won’t grumble about it when you see how they look when you meet up, we’re sure. Meeting one of these girls for dinner is a memory you will never forget. Not only does she want to impress the hell out of you because you’re her date, but she is also in Milan. And when you’re in Milan, you literally have to look your best.


Right in the centre of Milan you have the Grand Hotel, and this is a favourite among escorts we’re sure. It’s beautiful in design, and very accommodating and friendly. The restaurant is wonderful and they have some great facilities. You will pay a little more than the average place in the centre of Milan, but let’s be honest, if you’re booking an escort you can afford it. Principe di Savoia is another five star hotel at around the same price range, for all you jet setters out there. We know for a fact that any of our touring escorts would jump at the chance to spend the night with you here if they’re working in Milan at the moment. They enjoy living the life of luxury, which is why most of them chose a career in the world of escorting and became so very good at it.

Some of the girls may have the facility to accept incalls whilst they are touring in Milan, or indeed other parts of the world. This will usually be if they’ve secured themselves an apartment in the city centre. If these escorts in Milan plan to offer incall services, they will always ensure that they have places that are easy to find, yet discreet, safe and secure. They will always be very high end too, and with all the facilities you could possibly need. You will be made to feel very welcome we’re sure.


Milan escorts are also very well used to dining out. Milan, like so many Italian cities, has so many wonderful places to dine. Those Italians really know how to cook. It’s almost as though when cooking came to the UK, we’d already used up all the best chefs in Italy and France! This is why all the best restaurants in London are either French or Italian. There are a few to look out for in Milan, but we can’t possibly mention them all. You will no doubt get some recommendations from the girl you choose also. If we had to choose, we would pick VUN Andrea Aprea for a nice romantic dinner for two, in the city centre. Or if you like Japanese cuisine, you could try out Yazawa. We have heard very good reports for both these restaurants.


If you are in Milan, or you’re heading over there, call us and we will get the perfect companion for you. And if you can’t find the right girl here, don’t worry. We have a whole host of international travel escorts that would be glad to come to you in Milan. You never know, they may already be not too far away. It’s always worth calling or sending us a message to see if we can help you out. We are a very friendly international escort agency and we aim to please.

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