Welcome to our gallery of Kensington escorts. Kensington is a pretty massive place, obviously in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. However, the lovely ladies you see on this page will all be located more in the Kensington area. And there are so many places in Kensington that it would be pretty hard to list all the possible locations. One this is for sure, when it comes to escorts in Kensington, pretty much all the property in this part of town is very nice indeed. Individual old, Victorian townhouses that have been converted into very nice apartments, and high end, well serviced apartment buildings. When you go to see an incall Kensington escort you can count on them having a nice home. Besides, we wouldn’t represent any girls with dreadful apartments.

You will always find a wide variety of companions available in this area, simply because it’s so large and it’s so popular. The girls love their lives in Kensington, there’s always so much to do. The restaurant scene is very nice, with a wide variety on offer, from very reasonably priced, to incredibly expensive. Hopefully you will be taking the girls to the very expensive places. They love dinner dates in Kensington. Especially with real gentlemen.

Incall escorts in Kensington

As we have briefly mentioned, the girls have all taken very nice apartments in the area. You will always find them clean and tidy, spacious and welcoming. If for any reason you do not get this first impression, please get in touch with us immediately. We do not anticipate complaints at all, but this is because we keep on top of what’s going on as often as we can.

The incall escort apartments in Kensington that you will encounter, will always be very easy to reach, and easy to access. Most will have lifts to higher floors, but where this isn’t possible, we will let you know if we have the information available. Do let us know if stairs are a particular problem for you. We may need to recommend you an outcall experience, or an alternative girl in a more accessible location. It’s actually very good practice to select a number of escorts you like the look of whenever you book. Whether it’s an incall or an outcall service. If you have given us a choice of girls to attempt to book, we will never have to keep coming back to you for more choices should your favourite be unavailable.

What to expect

All of our incall escorts in Kensington will always be very keen to see you. They will have spent some time preparing themselves for you and they should always look their very best. It gives them great pleasure to dress up to impress their clients, and they have lots of choice if you have a preference on what type of clothes you like to see your ladies wearing. They’re all highly professional, so you never need to be worried about requesting this or that. Some of them have uniforms and various fetish gear too if you like that. You can find out more information on each girl by clicking their individual profiles.

Outcall Kensington escort services

It takes a real professional to be a talented outcall escort. Lucky for you that all the girls we have here at International Sugarbabes fit into this category. Most of the girls will travel to your location, regardless of their own, but it’s usually best to book a girl in Kensington if you’re staying in this area. This way she doesn’t have to be rushed and you won’t run the risk of her being late because of traffic. Our receptionists are very good however, and they know London very well. They will know a realistic estimated time that your escort will arrive, or they will know straight away whether or not they will be able to make your appointment time. If they don’t think they can, they will tell you at the time of booking, and suggest someone closer to your location to meet your schedule.

A Kensington call girl will always be highly professional when she comes to visit you. You can have her visit your hotel room or apartment. Sometimes there are keycards to the lifts, depending on where you are staying, but most clients just wait at the lifts for their escort to arrive, or choose to meet her in the lobby. It’s really a very common occurrence, and no one ever bothers you. In addition to this, the girls always turn up respectably presented, and never draw unwanted attention to themselves. Your discretion is their priority. Sometimes you can get them to just announce themselves at reception and have reception send them up to your room. We think that a nice way to get to know your date is to meet her in the hotel bar or even restaurant for a bite to eat and a chat.

There is another way that some of our clients enjoy the company of these wonderful Kensington ladies. Imagine having a Kensington dinner date with one of these beautiful courtesans. It’s not unusual for the girls to meet their clients at a restaurant, or sometimes a bar before dinner. This way you don’t need to concern yourself about one of these women coming to your hotel, you can meet there. And if you decide to go back to your hotel after dinner, it looks a lot more natural to do it this way, especially when the two of you will have had more than enough opportunity to get to know one another. You may decide to go back to her place after dinner of course. Whichever, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you and your escort know what’s happening.

Get in touch now

Many of these professional call girls are very popular indeed, so we would strongly recommend booking quickly, and as far in advance as you can. The more information you give us about your booking, the better. When we understand what you require, it becomes much easier to communicate with your chosen companion. Call today!