Welcome to our gallery of Hyde Park escorts. It’s not what you’re thinking. This isn’t a page dedicated to girls hanging around in the park offering their services, we are much classier than this, as are the girls of course. Here you will find all our girls that reside in the area, or at least very close by. It may not always be the most heavily populated gallery, but if there’s a hot escort in Hyde Park available to you, you can bet that she’s going to be among the best in the city if she’s listed with International Sugarbabes.

The girls you see on this page will all have a suitable, if not luxurious, residence in the area. Hyde Park escorts are well aware of their location, and they know the type of clients they are likely to attract. Not too far from Mayfair and Knightsbridge, they love to spend their time in the best bars and restaurants in the area, and they’re often seen rubbing shoulders with the celebrities. If you have a mind to take one of them out on a date, they will be very happy indeed. A high class London escort loves nothing more than to be spoiled. And we don’t mind telling you that they are very good at showing you their appreciation.

Outcall Hyde Park escort services

Obviously there are some pretty damn amazing hotels and apartments in the Hyde Park area. Depending of course on which side of the park you’re staying. We’re assuming that you’ll be in the south east end, Hyde Park Corner and thereabouts. Our London escorts from all of our locations have visited hotels in this area before and always had a lovely time. Some of the best names we can think of, off the top of our heads would be: Intercontinental London Park Lane, The Dorchester, The Lanesborough, The London Hilton on Park Lane, and of course The Mandarin Oriental in nearby Knightsbridge. These are all very high end hotels, that come at a heck of a price. Most of you we’re sure can handle that, but if you’re booking here and want some company, make sure you have the cash.

You need never worry about one of our International Sugarbabes coming to visit you in your hotel, no matter where you are staying. They are always very discreet and very professional. Even our most famous porn star London escorts are always very low key when they come to an outcall. They know the score, and they know you want to be discreet. However, having said that, if you are planning a hotel visit, it’s often always best to book a high class hotel. These places are more well used to their guest having visitors to their room, and you’re paying a premium price for them to mind their own business anyway remember. They want your money, so they’re not likely to have a problem with it, as long as you are respectful and polite about the whole thing.

Restaurant bookings are welcome

They are very welcome. All of the girls we list at the agency are well used to being asked out on dates, and they all adore going to restaurants where they are treated to the best of everything. And we have yet to have a client that doesn’t spoil his London escort when they go out. Just take a look in any of our galleries, how can you possibly not spoil those ladies? They are without a doubt some of the most beautiful, and most appreciative women you are ever likely to get to go on a date with. So make the most of if fellas and have a lovely time. “Push the boat out,” as they say. Buy the expensive wine, have the naughty dessert, and then go back to your hotel and have even more fun. The whole point of booking these girls is to have an experience that’s likely to be a memory for the rest of your life, not just a brief encounter.

If you’re looking for restaurant ideas, you can’t go wrong with Ramsey’s place in The Mandarin Oriental, if you’re staying close by. Mari Vanna, the Russian place is very good and it’s close to that hotel.  Céleste is also very nice, located in the beautiful surroundings of The Lanesborough Hotel. The best places are usually in the best hotels in this part of town, let’s face it. The Randall in The Intercontinental is always a good place to go and relax too.

Girls available in other locations

It’s important to remember that when we talk about available girls in Hyde Park, it’s actually a very big place. We are mostly talking about those located around the Hyde Park Corner area of course, bu you may also be able to see some of our Knightsbridge escorts too, that aren’t too far away, or some girls in Mayfair. It never seems to matter much in London anyway, because you can just jump on a tube or catch a cab to get to the nearest girl.