Welcome to our gallery of Dubai escorts. Here at International Sugarbabes we have arguably the best selection of genuine escort in Dubai available to you. They come from all over the world to be with you in this fabulously luxurious city. They are here for a good time guys, and not always a long time, so get your bookings in fast. The reason for this is that Dubai attracts a lot of our touring escorts. They stay in Dubai whilst the weather and the clients are suitable, and then they will move onto Paris, Rome, London and various other places around the globe. These are high class women who demand the best and offer the best. You need to catch them whilst you can.

Many of the girls in Dubai are porn star escorts. It’s a popular destination for these porn legends to top up their tans and make some extra money in the process. They love the type of clients they get over there too. We could be talking about you here! They like that these guys seem to have plenty of money and they can treat them in the way they deserve to be treated. Because let’s face it gentlemen, these Dubai escorts surely deserve the best. This is why London escorts go over to Dubai when it starts getting chilly in the UK. Can’t really blame them, we’d do exactly the same, but someone has to stay here to answer your phone calls and take the bookings.

High class escorts in Dubai

So, we have established that the girls in Dubai are among the best in the world. The best escorts in the world travel here from all over because they know it’s the best place to be. The thing is, our International Sugarbabes do not always carry that high class price tag that so many other agencies tend to have these days. You can find out more about the fees for each of the individual girls by clicking on their profiles, but they’re all very reasonable to be fair. You may pay a little extra for the porn stars from time to time, but then these girls do have extra talents that you can see very clearly if you choose to Google them. You may find this difficult to do in Dubai of course, but we’re sure you will find a way.

Incall and outcall Dubai escorts

Most of the girls in Dubai you see offering services here will have a place to stay where they can receive visitors. Not all of them though. It will say clearly on their profile if they are able to offer incall services as well as outcalls. When you book an incall escort in Dubai, you can count on them being in the most discreet of locations. It’s very important over here to keep this between the two of you because some would frown upon this kind of liaison greatly. This is why it’s all the more important to book your Dubai call girl through an international agency like ours. Not only will we only ever represent tried and tested girls, we will also ensure that they are staying in a safe and secure location before we agree to send them bookings.

Outcalls are always fine with these Dubai ladies. They are free to come and go as they please in all the best hotels. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently. Dubai isn’t nearly as restrictive as they would have you believe. When you’re staying in a world class international hotel, you pretty much abide by the hotel’s laws and not so much those of Dubai itself. As long as you are respectful and discreet at all times, you will never have any problems with inviting a beautiful Dubai companion to spend the night with you. If you have any questions or queries about this, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. If we can’t answer you directly, we will contact the girl you wish to book and find out for you. It’s our job to facilitate your meeting with your chosen girl.

Treat your date in Dubai well

If you treat them well, they will reciprocate in ways you couldn’t even imagine. We did tell you they were good at what they do, didn’t we? And we don’t have to vouch too much for the Dubai porn star escorts much, their record says it all. If they don’t know how to treat a man, no-one does! Remember that not all the girls you see here will speak Arabic. We do have a gallery of Arabic escorts if you are interested in booking one of them. Not all of them will be in Dubai however, they may be in London or elsewhere. You can find out the languages each girl speaks by looking at their profile.

Many of the girls are European escorts too. It’s not only London that gets such a huge influx of girls from that part of the world. As we mentioned earlier, wherever there are sunny skies and men with a desire to spend their money on gorgeous creatures like this, you will find girls from all corners of the globe (if indeed there are corners on a globe?)

Dine out in style

Whilst we’re on the subject of treating them well, you may be interested in some of the best restaurants in Dubai. We get some good reports in from the girls over there when they’ve been out and about. Little Miss India is a lovely place, especially if you’re staying on The Palm (because that’s where it is). Amaseena at The Ritz Carlton is also very upmarket and very romantic. If you take the girls to either of these places, you can expect a lot of appreciation!

Staying in Dubai

When you’re in Dubai and you’re dating women like this, you have to stay in style. There’s only really one place that you absolutely must stay at least once in your lifetime. The Palm of course. It’s simply fabulous and full of hotels, restaurants and entertainment. Hell, you wouldn’t even need to leave it to enjoy Dubai. Especially with a Dubai lady like these. Emerald Palace Kempinski, Atlantis and One and Only are all good hotels to stay, and good value for the quality you’re going to get.

Remember, if you’re not sure of your destination and you’d like to see where the prettiest girls are first, browse our main gallery of escorts and make a choice from there!