Welcome to our gallery of Chelsea escorts. Chelsea is well renowned for it’s wealthy residents, trendy bars, restaurants and designer boutiques. But it’s not so well known for it’s amazing selection of Chelsea escorts. We happen to represent some of the best escorts in Chelsea, and we are proud to present them to you here in this gallery. Chelsea is a pretty large area of in West London, stretching from Sloane Square in the east, right down to the Thames and along to Chelsea Harbour. Many people also consider South Kensington as part of Chelsea too, considering it’s just outside the borders of the borough. In fact there is a larger region that most Londoners refer to more often that encompasses both and they call this the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. For the purposes of this London escort gallery, we’ll be referring to Chelsea alone.

Places of interest in Chelsea

We won’t bore you to death with a history of the area, or the architecture and all that. You can get that information from Wikipedia if you must know. We are certain that you are far more interested in where you can go and get a drink. Or where you can take one of these lovely Chelsea ladies to dinner, or for a lunch date. And we can say with all certainty that all of the escorts you see on this page, always appreciate a proper date. What many people tend to forget is that these professional Chelsea call girls are also just regular women, and all women like to be spoiled and made to feel as special as possible.

So, where are you going to take your date? Benihana on King’s Road is always a popular choice, and quite entertaining too. If you like seeing your food thrown around by chefs before you eat it of course. It’s one of those Japanese restaurants where you can sit where they cook, and we’re just kidding by the way, the throwing of the food is really good food and it’s not as bad as we made it sound. We would imagine that a number of our escorts in Chelsea have already dined here at one time or other. And we don’t mean always with their clients. The women you see on this page are very social creatures, and spend a lot of time with friends and each other in some cases.

The Riverside Brasserie down on Chelsea Harbour is a nice place for a spot of light lunch. They have some lovely wines available too if you fancy getting a little courage before you go to meet your chosen lady. You could always meet them there too of you prefer. There are some apartments in the area also. Perhaps you live there even? Our professional call girls in Chelsea are always happy to visit you in your apartment or a hotel room or suite. Just make sure you have the champagne on ice.

Incall Chelsea escorts

You don’t have to take the girls anywhere though, not if you don’t want to. These lovely ladies are always prepared to invite you into their apartments. And they do have some lovely apartments, as you would expect in Chelsea. When you book an incall Chelsea escort, you can expect to get only the best treatment at their hands as well as an impeccable environment. They keep their places clean and tidy and with all the facilities you would expect to find. You will be offered refreshment and a nice refreshing shower too. Apartments are carefully chosen for their location so they’re not in difficult to reach areas, but they still offer a degree of discretion that you would expect from an agency such as International Sugarbabes.

The Chelsea escorts

This gallery will change from time to time, as the girls come and go. They may also move apartments, or simply become unavailable due to holidays or other commitments. However, you can always count on their being some girls available in Chelsea. It’s just such a popular area. At International Sugarbabes we are very careful to choose only ladies that best suit the way we do business and the way we know our clients appreciate. It has taken years of experience to be able to select the best of the best, but we think we have it pretty perfect. There are often some very beautiful and highly entertaining mature British escorts available in the Chelsea area, and it’s often a popular place for our touring porn star escorts to stay when they are in town. If you would like any further information about the girls or our booking process, please don’t hesitate to call or message us at your convenience.