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Budapest Escorts

Welcome to our Budapest escorts gallery. Here you will find all the girls we have available to you in Budapest, for both incall and outcall services. We’re not sure how much you already know about Hungarian girls, but we’ll let you know a few things that might interest you. To start with, Hungary is bordered with Romania and other Slavic states. And we all know that this is the area that most of the beautiful women come from in the world. Eastern European escorts and Russians are a massive part of the escorting community these days. Men in the UK and across the globe quickly realised that these women are insanely gorgeous and have spent much of their time and money spending time with them.

If you are one of these men, you will be pleased to hear that, as well as having one of the best and largest selections of British escorts, we have many girls available to you from eastern Europe and beyond. In fact, you are somewhat spoilt for choice at International Sugarbabes. And what’s even better than that, you’ll often find that a number of our girls are escorts that travel around the world to visit their clients. You can have a girl anywhere on the planet with our agency.


Not all Budapest escorts are Hungarian, this much is important to point out. It’s just a popular place for our escorts to visit too. Budapest is a popular destination for many reasons, and this is why you’re bound to get some international touring escorts turning up there from time to time. Some of the girls you find in Budapest are famous porn star escorts. And let’s not forget some of those very famous Hungarian porn stars that travel all over the world. Cathy Heaven for example, is one of the most popular porn stars in the world, and when she’s not right here in Budapest, she’s often touring London or having fun as a Dubai escort.

Budapest has much to offer the girls. The shopping is good, the prices are amazing, and the restaurant and club scene is excellent. If you ever feel like taking a Budapest escort out on a date, there isn’t a shortage of places to go. They’re also likely to know many of the best places too, so remember you can always ask them when you’re out sharing a cocktail or two. Even if you invite one of these girls to your hotel for a date, there’s no stopping you going out on the town if you wish.


If you’re looking for a romantic spot for dinner, there are a number we could recommend. It all depends of course on how much of a jetsetter you really are. If money isn’t so much of an object to you, we would recommend booking places like Borkonyha Wine kitchen, Babel, or if you’re a fan of really good Italian cuisine, Fausto’s. Arany Kaviár Étterem is very nice too, and it’s very high end to say the least. You’ll get the very best though, and we are certain that any of these ladies would appreciate the efforts you make to entertain them in the manner they’ve become accustomed to.


Whilst Budapest is a beautiful city, with lots to offer the traveller, no matter what his intentions, it’s not always safe. It’s no secret that Budapest has an active and thriving sex trade. It’s a popular stag night destination because of this, and the myriad of bars and strip clubs exist for the sole purpose of taking your money. The only problem is that if you want to spend some time with a genuinely professional escort in Budapest, you will not find one here. It may well be tempting to take a girl up on an offer in one of these bars, or even on the street, but you must resist. The natural beauty of these Hungarian women will draw you in, but you could be getting more than you bargained for. Some of these girls are very good at ripping you off, and there is no-one to complain to or hold responsible if something goes wrong.

Your safety isn’t guaranteed either. Some girls may be working with gangs who intend to rip you off or worse. It’s not worth picking up a random girl in a bar, not in a city like Budapest. Sadly, wherever there is beauty, there is always someone who wishes to exploit it and take advantage of others. With International Sugarbabes, you will be booking with a reputable agency that only represents girls overseas with whom they are already acquainted and who have already proven themselves to be trustworthy and honest. This is often why there are not always loads of girls on this page, or indeed any of our international destination pages. We operate in London of course, so we cannot afford to take chances with girls in other countries.


We are here to help you have a wonderful time in Budapest, and if you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to ask us. You will be given clear and concise instructions when it comes to booking any incall appointments, and you can always count on the professionalism and discretion of any outcall booking you make with our agency. The girls you see on this page know what they’re doing, and they’re all very keen to meet you.