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Is dating a sex worker a bad idea?

Dating a Sex Worker

It’s undeniable that dating a sex worker is not something everyone would consider doing. There are many different types of sex workers out there who offer different services and experiences so you should think about what type of relationship you want and what you’re looking for before engaging with them socially or romantically.

Sex workers have feelings too

What do you think? Is dating a sex worker a bad idea?

Let’s start by saying that no, it’s not inherently wrong to date a sex worker. It’s none of your business what someone else does for work or how they choose to make money, you can only control what happens in your own life and your own relationships. However, if you’re considering going out with someone who is also working as an escort or prostitute, you should remember that they are human beings with feelings and needs like everyone else.

They might be looking for something real in their lives and having sex as part of their job doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in an honest connection with someone who cares about them as more than just an object of desire. Just because they have sex for money doesn’t mean that there isn’t more going on here than meets the eye.

You can’t pretend to be enlightened.

You can’t pretend to be enlightened. You can’t pretend to be supportive and understanding, when you’re not actually supportive or understanding. The most important thing is that you respect their boundaries, which means carrying on a conversation with them about what they’re comfortable with and what they aren’t. If they don’t want to tell people about their job, then don’t ask them about it unless they bring it up first. Don’t make assumptions about things like sex work being “degrading” or assume that your partner will get assaulted by clients; that’s patronizing and condescending.

You also have to respect their career choice as much as possible—and this includes respecting the fact that there are many different types of sex workers who do different things for different reasons (not all of whom are being exploited) and most enjoy their jobs! This also means respecting in advance how your partner might feel if you’re ever asked by someone else whether or not they’re a sex worker: just because someone knows more than one person who works in an industry doesn’t mean all industries are the same, so try asking respectfully instead of making assumptions based on stereotype alone!

You must respect the boundaries

As with any relationship, it is important to respect the boundaries of other people. You need to respect the boundaries of a person’s body, by not forcing them or having sex with them when they don’t want to. You need to respect the boundaries of their personal life and stop asking questions about it literally all the time. You should also be careful about how you use your partner’s profession in conversation—and especially if there are negative connotations associated with that profession.

Remember: you cannot know what it feels like for someone else until you have been in their shoes (or high heels). If you’re dating a sex worker, be sure not only to ask them how they feel about their work, but also listen carefully when they tell you!

Engaging with a sex worker socially might make you feel slightly uncomfortable.

Dating a sex worker, or a London escort can feel awkward. You may find yourself assuming that you’re being judged, or worrying about what other people think of you. If this is the case, then it’s probably best not to date a sex worker in the first place.

Yes, people will judge you

As a general rule, people will judge you for dating a sex worker. The reasons for doing so are many, but all can be boiled down to one core issue: the stigma associated with sex work.

Sex workers are often treated as if they’re subhuman; a group of people who deserve to be shunned by society because of their choice of career. This is an incredibly damaging attitude that continues to perpetuate the idea that there’s something wrong with being a sex worker and that anyone who chooses this profession should be punished for it. It also leads to the dismissal of sex workers’ rights, which results in unfair working conditions and unsafe working environments.

Don’t assume that it’s all about the money

Sex workers are people too, and they have feelings and relationships as well! They are not just prostitutes, prostitutes are not just women, and many prostitutes do not want to be considered victims or criminals either.

Dating a sex-worker isn’t necessarily bad, but it does take some thought into the realities of their career and lifestyle

Don’t pretend to be an enlightened person about this. You can’t, and you shouldn’t try. You’ll feel slightly uncomfortable when engaging with a sex worker socially; don’t deny that. But it’s not because they’re bad people or because you’re a bad person for dating them—it’s because their job is different than yours and the way they think about relationships is different than yours. Sex workers are people too, so treat them as such while respecting their boundaries and needs just like anyone else in your life would appreciate being treated.

If you have any regard for yourself as an able-minded partner who respects other humans, you should never lie to your sex worker partner about your feelings or intentions toward them (or vice versa).


If you’re considering dating a sex worker, you should consider how it will affect your own life and how things might be looked upon by others. You should also respect the boundaries of her work and know that she has feelings just like any other person does. Dating a sex-worker is not inherently bad, but it does require some consideration from both parties before getting serious about each other.

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