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Happy New Year 2023

From everyone here at International Sugarbabes, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2023. We hope you had a lovely Christmas, and you managed to spend some time doing the things you love. Perhaps you even managed to see one of our lovely London escorts? Or maybe you were one of our international clients? Either way, we hope you managed to get a booking; it’s a busy time of year for escort agencies across the globe.

New Year Bookings

Speaking of which, it’s a good idea to get your bookings in as early as you can (within reason) for your New Year Bookings. Many of the girls will not be available because of prior bookings already taken, and their own holidays. Russian escorts are known to be unavailable at New Year, since this is when they celebrate their own holidays – either at here in London or back home.

Treat Yourself

Is 2023 the time that you treat yourself to something extra special in our delightful escort community? Perhaps you would like to try a different type of girl, or a different nationality? Or maybe you can now afford a little more and you want to try one of the VIP escort girls we have here at International Sugarbabes? Whatever type of girl you fancy trying out, we are sure we have them here.

You could make it a New Year’s resolution to try a different type of girl each month or something. Take a look at our list of categories and see what catches your eye. It’s important to review your escort habits from time to time, so that you don’t get stuck in a rut. For example, if you are used to booking the young girls we get here at the agency, why not try your hand with one of our mature London escorts? These women can really show you a thing or two you know. They don’t reach this age without picking up a lot of experience on the way. They are supremely confident, and very naughty!

All the women in the mature gallery are over 30 of course, and you will find them all there. However, if you want the older mature escorts, you can select our 40+ age group. All the women in that gallery are over 40 years old, and arguably the most experienced in the world!

Don’t forget the porn stars!

As if you could forget those gorgeous porn star escorts! We are still the world’s number one agency for booking escort porn stars, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. These girls love to be represented by us here at International Sugarbabes, and we have a very good working relationship. We have all the usual suspects still available and touring the world, but we also have plenty of new porn stars joining all the time.

Have a great 2023!

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