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Shalina Devine could quite easily be a movie star in the conventional sense when you look at her beautifully expressive features and deep brown eyes. We can picture her close up now. And no, we’re not referring to the type of close up you’ll see in her porn movies. But this is where she has made her name, and this is where she loves to play. Shalina Devine has a body and a talent that porn producers the world over continue to fight over. They all want Shalina in their next picture. Lucky for us that she’s also an international porn star escort too, and she prefers this business because it’s much more glamourous and interesting.

Shalina is a highly intelligent woman, preferring to get to know her clients as much as she can, whenever she gets the opportunity. Don’t get us wrong here, she’s one of the most capable escorts for shorter, one hour bookings too of course, she just gets better and better the longer you spend with her. You will quickly realise this when you meet. That time you usually spend at the end of an escort booking, where you’re just waffling nonsense to make yourself feel more comfortable, will be a very precious time with Shalina. You will more than likely want to extend your booking rather than leave, so just think carefully about how long you’d like to book this stunning brunette before you call. It’s also worth remembering that Shalina Devine is one of our talented touring escorts, so you never know the next time you’ll get an opportunity to see her.

If you are going to book an escort that works in the porn industry, you really would be well advised to book one with as much experience as the lovely Shalina here. She’s not only experienced with men in the obvious sense (considering her profession), but she’s also very well-travelled, cultured and has a unique, liberated view of the human condition that you will find delightfully refreshing. We highly recommend seeing Shalina whenever you get the opportunity.

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