Is booking an escort legal?

This is a common question. There remains a lot of grey area about it, but the short answer is no. To begin with, escorts are not classified as prostitutes (a common misunderstanding). Escorts are selling their time and companionship only. This is where International Sugarbabes comes into the equation and acts as an agent for those selling their companionship, and those seeking it. Prostitution has many other connotations and is predominantly known as selling sexual services. This is not illegal in the UK either strangely enough, although some parts of this are. Soliciting in a public place for example (otherwise known as “Street walkers). Hiring a street walker (prostitute) is also illegal, and is otherwise known as “kerb crawling”. Prostitution also becomes illegal when it wanders into the realms of control and human trafficking of course. Owning or managing a brothel is illegal. For those who are unsure of the definition, this is a place that is operated for the purpose of facilitating sexual services between prostitutes and their customers.  Pimping is also illegal of course, and is sometimes connected with owning and/or managing a brothel. A pimp is someone who controls a prostitute and either forces or otherwise coerces her to have sex with people for financial gain. WE are sure you could look into all this in greater detail, but for the purposes of answering this question, escorting is not illegal.

What is an incall and an outcall?

But very simply, an incall booking is where you go to an escorts home, and an outcall is where they travel to your destination. Outcall bookings are commonly more expensive than incalls because they incur greater expense to the escort.