Escort Price Changes in 2022


Even though we are an international agency dealing with escorts in Dubai, Paris, Rome, Budapest, and so many other places, regardless of currency change, there has certainly been a shift in prices over the last couple of years. We suspect that many agencies are feeling the same thing. The girls all seem to have added an extra £50-100 to their fees, in much the same way as they do for outcall escort booking in London.


This shift in escort prices has caused a shift in which girls are deemed cheap escorts, and which are high class (or expensive escorts). If you were to look at any agency, most of the cheap girls they have are priced at £150. This has been the same for over a decade or more to be honest, but now there is a distinct change. You will find these £150 galleries practically empty these days. This price category is usually reserved for the girls who are very new to the business, or those that have been in business so long that they don’t feel they can still charge higher prices (nothing could be further from the truth in this case, most of these girls are very good indeed!)

These days the new cheap girls are escorts for £200. Many of you will probably be wondering why the girl you booked only 6 months ago, has suddenly changed her fee from £150 to £200. It’s not rocket science really, it’s mostly just inflation. It takes a while to hit the escort business, because we’re not exactly conventional in that sense. But you should know that it’s nothing to do with agency fees. Escort agencies in London have not increased the amount of commission they take from the girls for their bookings. Perhaps we should? Although if we did this, they would probably increase their prices even further, and this would eventually ruin this community we all enjoy so much.

We like the idea of the cheaper girls because they open the doorway to those among you who cannot necessarily afford to book the most expensive porn star escort legend that happens to be touring London for a grand an hour! As much as you would like to, you simply can’t. But this doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with a beautiful young woman for much cheaper price. For many of you, the result will be the same anyway!


For many girls, it pains us to say that it’s not really a choice based on service, or indeed quality. Most of the girls look at themselves cosmetically and compare with other girls. They think that they are just as pretty as an escort for £600, so they will go ahead and charge the same. This sometimes backfires on them, and they end up reducing their fee to somewhere in between where they want to be and where they once were. This doesn’t make it any easier for our clients, but sadly there isn’t much we can do about this.

We do offer a little guidance if the girls are uncertain where they should price themselves, and we will also offer our opinion if we believe that a girl is totally off with her own estimation. Sometimes you’ve just got to say something. And besides, it’s not worth our time and effort to list a girl for a ridiculous price when we know she won’t get the bookings. It’s just a waste of time.


It’s not always like this of course, we do know girls that charge a lot of money because they are incredible. These are mostly high end porn stars. And the evidence of how sexy and insatiable they can be is clearly available to anyone with an internet connection, so we don’t really have to do much convincing where that’s concerned. If you like porn stars, you are sure to have your favourites, and most of you would pay through the nose to have private time with them. And why not!


There are many more high-priced girls at International Sugarbabes, and every other agency in the city. The cheap escort sites are now having to adjust their websites to accommodate the higher end girls. How much work they get is not known of course, since those websites have had a reputation for offering only cheap girls. This is why we have always been very diverse when it comes to all our categories, including the price range. You can book a girl from as little as £150 at International Sugarbabes, or over £1000 an hour. At the end of the day, there is no accounting for taste, you like what you like. If you can afford what you like, then it’s all the better!

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