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Day Use Hotels for Booking Escorts

It has come to our attention that not all of you have heard of such a thing. So we thought we would be the ones to enlighten you. If you are booking London escorts, and you would like them to come to you, why not book a hotel to use during the day? Day use hotels have been around for a long time now. They are usually used by people who just want a base of operations, so to speak, for the day in London. It’s actually a very good idea, even if you were shopping for the day and you needed a room to take a break, have a nap, or just to leave your things.

Day use hotels are also used by people who want a quiet place to work for the day. Or perhaps conduct informal interviews with candidates when there isn’t a place in the office; or they may not even have an office. Room service is often still available, and you can guarantee a clean and tidy room with all the facilities you could possibly ask for. We’re surprised that London escorts don’t use this more often. Perhaps if you are a touring escort, you might want to consider booking day use hotels. It’s certainly a cheaper alternative than renting an apartment for a long period of time, and it also allows you a certain anonymity from where you are actually staying overnight.


Many of the hotels are available between the hours of 09.00-18.00, which gives you plenty of time to freshen up and have a nice long encounter with one of the lovely girls available at International Sugarbabes. Another bonus of getting a hotel to use for your booking is that the girls love hotel rooms and suites. They love all the luxury and the facilities, and they know they don’t have to do any cleaning up (which is always a bonus!)

As far as prices go, you could be staying in a top London hotel for less than £100 during the day. These rooms simply don’t get used during the day, so the hotels are happy to make some money off them when they are vacant. Some don’t give you as long and kick you out by 17.00, but if you’re not too bothered about that, there are some wonderful choices. Just imagine, you could tell you wife you’re going to work and simply work from a hotel room, whilst getting a visit from a charming young escort girl.


You can check out all the hotels on You can get hotels for use during the day for as little as £50! When we looked, we say a couple between £50-70 in the Earls Court area, which is pretty central for our Earls Court escorts, and those in the Gloucester Road and South Kensington area. The Marriott, near Cromwell Road usually has rooms available for use during the day, and they are normally less than £100. You couldn’t ask for better than that could you? The Park Grand is close by too. Hilton sometimes offer their rooms out during the day too, and you can always expect good services from Hilton. It’s really best to check the website before you plan your visit into town, we are sure you will get a great deal.


You needn’t worry about inviting an escort to come to your room during the day at any of these places either. On they don’t mention booking escorts, but they do say that you can “…spice up your love story for a day…”, so there is that. We’re pretty sure they know what many people will be using the service for!

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