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What is your favourite type of girls, physically? You’re not all crazy for the slim escorts that seem to be all over London these days, we know. There are a growing number of you more and more interested in those ladies who look like real women. The natural beauties with curves that could make you cry. Nice big boobs, big round and curvy asses, and a few extra pounds here and there. There is nothing like having something to hold onto, right? And if you’re lucky enough, and you treat our girls with respect, you never know who you could be holding in your arms after a quick call to International Sugarbabes.


Even the curvy escort girls come in all shapes and sizes at International Sugarbabes. Some of them have big boobs, some of them just have a big ass. Bizarrely enough, some of the girls are both curvy and slim. Some of these ladies include the beautiful Brazilian escorts of course. Those Latinas really can pull off both. With their wonderfully natural curves, flat tummies and tiny little waists, there’s little wonder they are so popular over here in the UK.

There are girls who have a few extra pounds on them too, and we know there are many of you who love those BBW escorts too. If you’re going to book a temporary girlfriend, there’s nothing like getting a whole lot of girlfriend is there?


One thing all the curvy girls have in common, from our British escorts, to those from far overseas, is that they are all incredibly proud of their curves and take every opportunity to show them off. Kind of makes them perfect for the escort business, right? We love natural exhibitionists, and we know you do too. Being so body confident has enabled these women to have wonderful personalities, and self-awareness. They know only too well how to turn their curves to their advantage, and they know just what you like too. There personalities are always bright and friendly (like all of our girls) and they adore attention and affection. Trust us when we say that these curvy women can reciprocate those attentions greatly.

We are happy that we finally created a curvy gallery for these women, and indeed for you guys. It’s always helpful to find a list of types on an escort website. Some of you may think you don’t have a type, but odds are you actually do, you just don’t perhaps realise it yet. Whatever your type, you will always find a girl at International Sugarbabes ready to take your pleasures to new heights


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