British Mature Escort Experiences


We are kind of hitting two very popular main categories in this article, but it is necessary. There are so many of you that enjoy the company of our mature escorts, and some of you won’t book any other type. And it has come to our attention that, although all the mature ladies are very popular, the British escorts are definitely taking the lead. Now, this could be just because we have more British older ladies than we have Europeans or Russians for example. But in our many years of working in the London escort business, we know when there is a significant preference from our clients. Perhaps we should create a category for strictly British mature escorts?


We honestly don’t believe that the more mature British girls are ever going to go out of fashion when it comes to our clients. We are just hoping that the younger breed of British girls out there will continue the legacy of our current line up of experienced escort models. We have no real reason to doubt it, since these women have been in demand now for decades – the last two of which we have had direct experience in. But what do they have that the others don’t? This is a very difficult question to answer, and without direct knowledge from our clients, it’s practically impossible.

We believe it will have something to do with the fact that they are British to start with. Sounds stupid we know, but when you consider that British mature ladies are booked more often by visitors to London and tourists, it begins to make sense. The British girls we have in London are all very knowledgeable and confident when it comes to going out to restaurants, bars and clubs etc. and they know these places well. A foreign visitor will often book a British girl when they are uncertain of their surroundings, or otherwise under confident about what to do or where to go.

And let us not forget that British women in general are a hell of a lot of fun. Even more liberated these days, and free to explore their sexualities and freedoms as much as they want. The British woman is a modern woman, a strong woman, independent and supremely confident. These are attractive qualities, especially in an older woman.


People feel a lot more confident booking things like dinner dates and extended overnight experiences with older women. It’s because things are always more relaxed. These women are much more confident and able to overcome any initial anxieties they may have had over their bookings. Younger escorts sometimes try too hard and come across as desperately trying to make their clients happy. This simply doesn’t happen with a mature British escort. They already know, before they meet you, that the date will be wonderful. They barely have to try at all. They already know that you have selected them from a very vast choice of other escorts, so they know they are going to meet a client who wants to be with them. All they must do is make the date as pleasurable as possible. And in their experience, there really isn’t much they haven’t already tried and have experience of. It won’t take a mature escort long to figure out what makes you tick!

And that gentlemen, must be the primary reason that a client books any mature escort. It’s all in the experience. But we are not just talking about sexual experience here. In fact sexual experience, in our humble opinion, is fuelled primarily by life experience and emotion. These women have lived very exciting and fulfilled lives, and they are continuing to do so as long as they can. We love them, and we hope you will take the time to experience the pleasure of their company in the very near future.


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