Finding an escort in Paris is not difficult, they’re all over the place. Probably not as readily available as London escorts of course, but none the less, not difficult to find. However, if you’re not French, it’s not easy at all. It depends on your resources really, doesn’t it? If you are staying in Paris and you want an escort to come to your hotel, you could do one of three things. You could go out on the street and pick up a street walker to take back to the hotel, you could ask a concierge of your hotel to find you some company, or you could go online and do a search.

Firstly, we would not recommend picking up a girl from the street. These girls are mostly trafficked, at risk, and in one way or another (often unwittingly) involved in criminal activities. They are mostly controlled by gangs, and you don’t want to get messed up in all that just for the company of a beautiful girl. Secondly, a concierge is often a good idea, but you would need to be staying in a pretty high-end place to get this level of service. And it’s also worth mentioning that if you’re looking for a good Paris escort, you may well be getting just the girls that this concierge is being paid to offer you. And this narrows your choice considerably.

Finally, our favourite. Booking online is usually the best way to get an escort to your hotel or apartment in Paris. However, you don’t know these agencies, and you don’t know how reputable they are if you haven’t used them before. If you’ve been in Paris in the past and found a good agency, they you are lucky. Stick with them! Yes, the agency you find at the top of search results in Paris will probably be a well organised operation because they wouldn’t be at the top if they were not. However, you still have no idea whether the girls are real or not, and you may not always be in the best position to complain with any result when you’re a foreigner in Paris.


If you are already a client of ours, you will be very happy to hear that we always have girls available in Paris. And the best part of this is that most of them are touring porn star escorts. Not just regular girls then! They travel to Paris often for this precise reason. They know that they’re popular over there, and they get plenty of bookings. For some of our European porn stars, it’s not a problem working in Paris. Most of them can get by with the language, and they don’t have to travel too far to begin with.

Language is another issue of course, especially if you’re online in Paris trying to find what you are looking for. If the website you choose doesn’t clearly explain what you will be getting in clear English, you could end up disappointed. And that’s not even mentioning the receptionist you may end up talking to. You need a good agency to understand what you want when you’re in a foreign country.

So whether you are an existing client, or a new one, book your escorts in Paris from International Sugarbabes. British owned and operated, you can be sure to communicate with an English-speaking receptionist. Not only that, it will be a receptionist who knows the girls personally, so you can always get reliable information.


The short answer is that we’re not sure to be honest. As you already know, many people like to consider escorts very differently from prostitutes. It’s not something we’re going to get into here, since we only ever tell our clients that the money they pay their escorts is for their time and companionship. But we’re not stupid, we are pretty sure that sometimes the girls will have sex with their clients. This is nothing to do with us as an agency, and it’s a matter between the consenting adults on the date really. Proving what goes on between a client and his escort is impossible, so this is why there is so much grey area all over the world when it comes to escorting and prostitution.

In France it’s legal for anyone to sell sexual acts. However, the buying of sexual acts was outlawed in April 2016. So, make of that what you will. That’s like having bread on sale in the supermarket, but it’s illegal to buy it. Doesn’t make sense we know! However, similar to UK law, owning or operating a brothel in France is definitely illegal.

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