Your questions answered and more

It has come to our attention that some of you are asking the same questions over and over. This is fine, don’t worry, we don’t mind. But we thought that you might like to know many of them can be answered online. You can visit our about us page, where you will find plenty of questions answered. There are the usual, common questions of course, but we have tried our best to answer some of the more difficult ones for you too. One that springs to mind immediately would be “Is booking an escort illegal?” This is arguably one of the top questions that any would be hobbyist asks himself before calling an agency. The short answer is no, it’s not illegal. But if you want any more information go over and read the rest of our answer.

We need your help too

An FAQ section on any website needs to be updated frequently. So it’s for this reason we would like your help. If you can think of anything you would like to see the answer to on this page, please do let us know as soon as you can. This way you will be helping others to find the answers as well as yourself. Plus you have the added bonus of having the question published on our website, so if there was any discrepancy, you can always refer us back to it for all those “told you so” moments.

Covered our ass

It also helps to cover our own ass too of course. We have a disclaimer on our homepage that details all the usual that agencies have on their websites. It will tell you that we are not responsible for anything that happens between an escort and her client and so on. We have updated the FAQ section of the page to detail a little more about the Corona Virus pandemic too. There are answers to most things on the website. Just so long as you know there are there to help you, as well as cover our asses. So please do, go and read it.

Anything else

The blog is here for us to keep you informed and to tell you about anything new and exciting happening at International Sugarbabes. Of course, with the global pandemic going on, it has been more than a little dominated by news about that. But we would like to get back to some degree of normality before the next virus knocks us all out.

So if there is anything else you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in touch with us and let us know. And don’t forget that you can find interesting updates and other news by following us on Twitter too.