When the London escort industry should be open for business

This is a tough call for sure, and not a decision we relish making. There are plenty of London escort agencies in the city, and the problem is that not all of them are following the same rules. Some agencies that operate outside of the UK, but have girls in London, are not being responsible for the health and welfare of their girls or their clients.

It’s like having one or two McDonalds restaurants open in London and the rest being responsibly closed for business. It’s good that most are closed, but that one restaurant is delaying the opening of all the others. The problem is that some people are not responsible, and it’s not really an industry that is policed in any way. It’s up to us as an escort community to do the right thing. All we can do here at International Sugarbabes is to remain closed until a time when we believe that it will be significantly less risky to operate. We realise that some people will be going back to work, and out into their respective communities, but it’s not for us to tell the girls we represent to see their clients.

Anxiety for the girls

The escorts we represent will be anxious enough about restarting. They are probably more worried about that than the money they are losing by not working. It only takes one person who has not been socially responsible to infect you. The girls are all very smart, and we are certain that they will take whatever precautions they can when they do eventually begin to work again in whatever capacity. But we cannot account for stupidity in the least.

If you are considering a booking with a girl from another agency, or an independent girl, please be sure to do all you can to stay safe and take care of your escort. Irresponsible behaviour will not help lift the lockdown for all the other agencies. It would be much better to just abstain all together for the time being.

European London escorts at numerous agencies

We have plenty of European escorts here in London, but some of them are listed with other agencies. Whilst we are not taking bookings for these girls, some of them are still taking bookings from these other, less reputable agencies that have remained open. We are hoping that they haven’t been placed under pressure to take bookings, because that would be wrong and it’s something that we wouldn’t ever consider. Please bear this in mind when you decide to book from one of these somewhat self-serving agencies who care not a bit about their clients or the girls they represent.

When should the industry reopen?

It’s incredibly tough to call, but it’s something we are looking at all the time. It’s no good looking to other agencies to see what they are doing, because we’ve already seen that some just do not seem to care about anyone. It’s also impractical to wait for a vaccine or a cure to Covid-19, since this could be years away. We all know that this is something we all have to learn to live with. It’s a trying time for all businesses and people in general, not just the escort business. We have to begin to think about a way forward and how to operate in line with government guidelines.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to open when all agencies are open and doing business, and there are few problems. When the girls rebuild their confidence with the business. When industries like hairdressers and masseuses can operate again, there shouldn’t be any reason that the escort business can’t go back to operating in some way or another. As people come closer together (which inevitably they will – it’s in our nature), we will need this companionship and closeness. And there are many of us in this world that can’t get the closeness they desire from anyone other than a professional.

As always, stay home, stay safe