The best London escorts for 2020

It’s a very bold statement to make from an agency, but we believe we have the future of London escorts right here at International Sugarbabes. In the past agencies have tried to tell you that it’s about finding the right agency to deal with your booking, and not always about the girl. This is of course an absolute load of garbage when you think about it. It’s just a way to make the agency look better than another. The truth of the matter is that any agency can take a booking. Yes it’s good to have an efficient service that can deal with your enquiry. It’s good to have an English-speaking receptionist too. But how long do you actually spend dealing with the agency?

You don’t spend a lot of time in organising your booking at all really, let’s face it. And the longest amount of time spent on this process is on your selection. So, as long as the agency website has reasonably easy to follow instructions, helpful categories and menus, and the phone number actually works, you’re all set. You don’t need anything else. The most important factor is the girls, so let’s not try and make ourselves more than we actually are here.

London escorts in 2020

The reason we mention 2020 is not just because it’s January. It’s mainly because the UK is going to change significantly after Brexit, and as a realistic escort agency, we can’t promise there will not be changes to this hobby we have all come to know and love. Who knows what will happen to long list of eastern European girls that come into London? We are quite confident that there won’t be any disruption in their allowance to enter the UK and stay for a while, but we’re not stupid enough to assume they will all be aware of this.

Oftentimes it’s not easy for some of these girls to understand what is going on with the politics of another country. They have chosen a career in escorting, wherever that is in the world, so they can quite easily shift their location. With all the rumours and silly talk about Brexit, some of them may well get anxious about staying and decide to move on until things settle down again. Which inevitably they will of course.

International Sugarbabes is different

We have long been a very diverse agency, and we pride ourselves on representing women from all over the world and of all ages. We have never discriminated. This is simply because we know that what floats one man’s boat, may very well sink another’s. There never has, and never will be any accounting for taste, as they say. So we have never come to fully rely on the flow of eastern European girls to London. This is massive, as we have said, but we have always been very aware of the mixture we want to offer, so we have only ever chosen the best of those girls to present you with. There are many other agencies in London that rely almost solely on eastern European girls. They can populate their entire websites with these girls, but what will happen if they see a dramatic decrease in them after Brexit?

The home of British London escorts

International Sugarbabes is indeed the home of British London escorts. And we believe that these remarkable women will play a huge role in the post-Brexit confusion that may ensue. There’s one thing for sure, there’s no way that these ladies will be leaving London, or getting concerned in any way at all. Between ourselves and one of our competitors - UK Sugar Babes - we have one of the best selections of British London escorts in the city. So regardless of what happens in the coming months, you can always be sure of getting a talented, proven professional escort.

And if you are yet to try one of the wonderful British babes we have for you, you really are in for a treat. It’s all very well having a date with a girl from another country, but sometimes language barriers can get in the way. If you’re an Englishman yourself, book an English escort and just see the fun you can have. Half of the attraction in any dating scenario is the ability to communicate your dreams and desires to the other person. If you want a real treat, book one of the mature British escorts we have available. These women know precisely what they’re doing with your dreams!

As always, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call us!