Why Book a Russian Escort

Booking Russian Escorts

With everything in the news at the moment about Russia, you would be forgiven for having some anti-Russian sentiment. But you should never extend that to the delightful Russian escort girls we have at International Sugarbabes. It has long been believed that Russian girls make up some of the best escorts in London. They don’t get this label for no reason, and we are certain if you did any amount of research you would come up with the same results. Practically every escort agency in London worth booking from will tell you the same, and they all have a nice selection of Russians if we’re honest.

The same can be said for Ukrainian girls too of course. Although there aren’t that many in London that specify as Ukrainian. Probably because the Russian ladies have already got such a good reputation, that the Ukrainians just piggyback on that. After all, they are not that far removed, and we believe (forgive us if we’re wrong), they speak the same language. They are certainly from the same geographical region, and there is certainly something about the physical qualities of the girls from the farthest reaches of Eastern Europe, into Russia. They all seem to be inexplicably beautiful. And they all seem to be natural beauties too. There’s a lot to be said for a truly natural beauty, and we know that many of you are attracted to girls like this.

Service Quality

When you see a Russian escort, you will often find that they offer unparalleled services. Many of them offer what is widely known as “extra” services. Whilst we can’t comment too much on these, we know that this makes them incredibly popular. Their service lists are usually presented to their clients during a booking as we understand it, and may or may not include some sexual preferences etc. Here at International Sugarbabes, we maintain a strictly agency only service. Meaning of course that we only facilitate the meeting of an escort and her client. What goes on between the two of you on your booking is a matter between the two consenting adults taking part. That’s not to say that we’re stupid and don’t realise that sometimes girls will offer extra sexual services. This is what we’re telling you. The Russians are more likely than most to do this. And this more than likely adds to their popularity among clients, here in London and all over the world.

Russian women seem to be exceptionally sexually motivated, and incredibly good at what they do in this regard. They are liberated, sexual creatures who enjoy greatly the pleasures of the flesh, so to speak. And considering they are so very beautiful, we are not surprised in the least that they are always so very popular.

The reviews say it all

If you go to a website like Punternet.com or The Erotic Review, you will find that most reviews for London escorts over there are written for Russian girls. Yes, it may be because there are simply loads of Russians over here in London, but the facts are still there to be seen. These women are highly professional, almost as though they have been trained in the art of London escorting!