London escort business as usual during Corona Virus

The government has issued its advice about not going to the pub or large gatherings and so on. This is very good advice and we stand by it. It’s important to slow down the spread of Covid-19, so that our NHS can support everyone that needs the support. Whilst we support this and any decision the government makes on the behalf of the British public, not everyone is suffering and most people are intelligent enough to know what to do to stay safe. This extends to our service as one of London’s foremost escort agencies.

And while it’s important to be vigilant, work from home, wash our hands, avoid gatherings and self isolate if we experience symptoms, businesses have to keep going if they can. Not everyone can work from home, but luckily London escorts can. Yes, they have to interact with people, that’s the nature of their work, but it’s hardly in massive groups! So we have to keep a level head about things. We have to trust our clients, and we do trust the girls we represent to do the right thing.

Girls are leaving London

We will be honest with you. Make no mistake about it, some of the girls have become worried about the spread of this Corona Virus. It’s not surprising of course, since so many of them are not from the UK. They worry that they may not be able to leave if the virus shuts down our borders for extended periods of time. The last thing they want is to be stranded here, not having enough bookings to fund their stay. London is not cheap as you may well already know.

It’s not the symptoms of the virus that bother them you see, they’re all fit and healthy, mostly very young too. Any girl with an underlying serious health condition isn’t likely to be working as a London escort anyway, so it’s important that much is made clear. So, during these uncertain times, you may well see a significantly reduced amount of escorts in London.

Make your own choices, but be careful

If you are planning on going to see one of our escorts, please be sensible. We’re not talking about seeing the girl. The girls won’t be working if she has symptoms of Covid-19, and should any of them present symptoms they will be isolating for the recommended period of time. You have  no concerns here. If a girl is in our available London escorts, then going to see her is not a problem. We have a great relationship with all the companions at International Sugarbabes, and they always keep us up to date with how they’re feeling and whether or not they are taking bookings. If we have any doubts at all about any girl we wouldn’t put her on the website.

Our advice about being careful is more about getting to and from your booking. You really don’t want to be on crowded public transport or moving through crowds of people. Whilst London is still allowing people to go out and about for essential things (and seeing a beautiful woman can very well be deemed as essential in many cases), you need to be careful about how you are travelling.

Use your best judgement and stay self