International Sugarbabes Under Lockdown

We are in complete lockdown, pretty much all over the world. Of course, the main problem with running an international escort agency is that there are different rules all over the globe. The Americans are all about opening everything again, whereas Europeans are a little more reluctant. As are the British of course. It’s a very difficult time. As an agency for escorts all over the globe, we’re going to keep a close eye on what the governments recommend, and we will also be largely governed by what the girls themselves are planning to do.

We want to reassure you that we are not going to go out of business. We are strong, we have some great support from our clients and all the girls. Our relationships with the ladies we represent have been developed over many years and we have no doubt that they’ll be keen to have us represent them again when all this is over.

What are the girls doing?

Many of our British London escorts are fine, and some of them even pursue other careers anyway. They may well perhaps be able to claim for a loss of their earnings from other employment, but in most cases many of them will have some savings put by. Escorting is a lucrative business for those with a real talent for it. And you can count on pretty much all the mature ladies we represent to have this! Doner

For those girls who come here from overseas, it may be a little harder to get by. They won’t all know what to do, but they too may have enough money to get by. We’re hoping so of course. We do keep in touch with the girls as and when they need us. If it’s only to reassure them that we will be here for them when they need us and we’re all able to work. We maintain an open line of communication with the girls, no matter where they come from, or their financial situation.

What about the porn stars?

Some would believe that because they have another industry, they’ll be alright, but the porn star escorts can’t even rely on work in that industry at the moment either. And this is a global problem. Fortunately, we believe that they may well get some income from productions that have already been made and are currently being enjoyed by many isolated men out there. If there’s anything that could inspire you to book a porn star escort, it’s watching them in action for a couple of months shut inside your home. You’re all going to have extraordinarily strong right arms by the end of this!

Looking forward to reopening

We couldn’t be keener to reopen, but we simply won’t until we are sure that it’s for the good of everyone. Going out to get exercise and get to essential work is the priority of the day. It’s not our day at the moment, and it’s not a day for our poor unfortunate London escorts either, but that day will come. Hopefully soon, and with as few casualties as possible. We strongly believe we will all come out of this stronger and more appreciative of one another and the lives that we have. We will be sure to let you all know about how our lockdown restrictions are going to be lifted and when. But for now, watch Netflix, eat the food that makes you happy, and hug your loved ones.

Carrie and the team at International Sugarbabes