International Sugarbabes reopening

Here at International Sugarbabes we have had to make some tough decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic here in London, and indeed across the globe. Considering we are an international agency, we have been forced to consider our options a little more carefully than those agencies dealing with just London escorts. Whilst we may not have that many international girls available at the moment, we always have to be prepared for that level of to rise.

We have decided to reopen and this is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it has become a little redundant to stay closed anyway. Considering that all other escort agencies in London appear to be open, International Sugarbabes staying closed doesn’t seem to be helping anyone. The clients who prefer to use our agency are seeing that other agencies are open and they are being forced to use services that they would prefer not to. Regular clients having an agency they that they trust with their requirements is paramount to so many, and we want to rise to meet these demands in the same way other agencies have.

Corona Virus impact on the escort industry

We do see the risks involved in the escort industry being open to the public once again, but this is a time for common sense and putting trust in our London clients and the escorts involved. All the girls who have decided to continue offering their services throughout the pandemic have learned ways in which to cope, and they are all aware of steps that an be taken to minimise their risk of becoming infected or transmitting the disease. Testing is available for anyone in the UK who presents with symptoms of Covid-19, and now the new track and trace technology is due for release, as a nation we will have greater controls over who has contracted Covid-19 and who needs to isolate. We’re pretty sure this technology will useful in combating the virus, and we would strongly urge our clients, as well as our escorts to use it

There are some girls who have only recently decided to begin offering their services again, and we thank those girls who have remained in lockdown for their sacrifice and common sense in keeping themselves safe from the virus and relieving pressure on the NHS. But as the country eases out of lockdown measures and onto the next phase of this crisis, they have seen this as an opportunity to begin again in a responsible way.

Measures in place for escorts in London

As an agency we cannot do much in this respect, and we want to make it very clear to all involved that we accept no responsibility for any escort who chooses to disregard guidelines or make no effort to . All the girls are aware that testing is available at GOV.UK, as are all our clients. In practical terms, escorts are meticulously cleaning their apartments (particularly areas where clients spend much of their time) and ensuring that zero contact is being made between client and escort until clients have showered. Beyond this, we are not aware that anything else is being done, or indeed can be done.

We repeat what we have stated in our warning on the homepage of the website, we are not responsible for the behaviour of escorts that we represent. We act as their booking agent alone, and choose to have nothing whatsoever to do with what goes on between client and escort during a booking.

We wish you all well, and trust that you will all execute reason and intelligence should you choose to indulge in escort services during this time.