Human contact encouraged as massage therapy opens

Get a massage and an escort experience

We are not sure about the details to be perfectly honest, but the latest guidance from the government has opened spas and massage therapy. This is excellent news, since it is encouraging human interaction at long last. The London escort industry has been waiting for this for a long time, and now there is even more reason to book yourself some company.

We don’t need to tell you how important human contact is, especially at a time like this. When the risk of contracting Corona Virus is so very small, it’s worth booking some company and giving someone a hug right? Or even better than that, getting yourself a massage by a London escort. When you have human contact, your body releases chemicals in the brain that make you feel happy. It’s science guys! Why argue with it? So, why bother with those therapeutic masseuses when you can get yourself a more sensual experience with a talented woman who knows her way around a man?

Mature ladies at International Sugarbabes

They may not all be professional masseuses, but when we’re talking about a woman who knows her way around a man, you can’t beat a mature escort experience. And luckily for you, International Sugarbabes has one of the largest selections of available mature ladies offering escort services in London today. All these talented ladies are over 30, and some of them over 40 and even 50. However, you’ll be amazed when you meet them, since they all look more than ten years younger than they actually are. It’s their natural beauty, and no doubt their fitness and beauty regimes that keep them looking so good. You’ll never get a more dedicated woman to her appearance than a mature escort.

Safer than massage parlours and spas

When you think about it, some of the London escort girls we have here at International Sugarbabes don’t really see many clients each week anyway. When all escorts have fees much higher than a regular masseuse, they simply don’t need to see that many people. A masseuse working in a spa will see many clients in a single day we are sure.

Here at International Sugarbabes, we don’t represent the type of escorts that see loads of clients each day anyway, so there is that. The girls we represent are highly intelligent, career escorts, who look after themselves too. They will not be operating if they experience any symptoms of Covid-19, or indeed anything else. They want you to have a pleasurable experience so you’ll come back for more. Yes, you can probably book them a lot cheaper somewhere in London, but we would not recommend it.

Ask us!

If you want to know more about any particular woman on the website, do ask us. We can always check whether or not the escort you want to book is able to offer professional sensual massage services if you like. We will respond with their answer when they get back to us. We cannot however be held accountable if a lady on our site says she does something and then fails to do so. This is beyond our responsibility. Thank you for understanding.

Celebrate the reopening of massage therapy with International Sugarbabes