Escorts Wanted in 2022

New Escorts Wanted for 2022

Are you a London escort looking for a new agency, or even another agency in addition to those you already have? Well our London escort recruitment package may just be the thing you’re looking for. We are widely considered as one of London’s best agency. This is mainly because we accept applications from everyone. We are not overly obsessed with skinny European models all the time, we like all shapes and sizes, as well as all nationalities. We believe that if you are good at your job, then there is always a demand for your escort services.

Mature escorts welcome

We have a wonderful selection of mature London escorts at International Sugarbabes. We have long been the best place to book the older ladies. And these ladies are truly professional, and very much in demand. So don’t worry about your age. If you are still into meeting up with guys, looking fabulous and having fun, sign up with us and we’ll give you the lifestyle you deserve. There will always been guys looking for older, more experienced women, and they usually come to us first!

What we offer you

Most of all we offer you are knowledge and experience. This is essential when it comes to finding good representation. There are often new agencies popping up here and there, but they just don’t have the knowledge that’s required to deal with the girls, and the clients. Remember that we are part of the team that was once Sugarbabes International, and we know all the girls personally (especially the porn star escorts!) We have excellent relationships with our clients, and most of them are regulars who we know very well too.

You get great coverage online, on various forums and advertising platforms, as well as on the agency. We are often at the top of Google searches (again, especially porn star escorts), and we have a great team organising everything for us to ensure that we stay highly visible. This means that there will be lots of clients viewing your profile, and that means… yes, you guessed it, lots of bookings.

You get to work your own hours too. If you’re not available, you just tell us, it’s that simple. You will never be pressured by International Sugarbabes to take bookings if you don’t want to, we are merely here to assist you and present you to our clients.

Our commission is in line with all other agencies in London and beyond, and we are very fair. There are various ways in which we can collect commission and keep a record of bookings we have sent you. As long as you are straight with us and pay your commission on time, we will continue to send you top clients, many of whom will become regulars and offer lots of perks!