Booking London escorts amid Covid-19

Booking escorts during Covid

It’s one of those things that we have to talk about eventually, so we’re going to outline what we do here at the agency. We are told one thing and then another by the government, and no-one really knows whether to go back to work, or to stay at home. One moment it’s up the employee, then the employee, and now it all seems to have been reversed. Then we’re told to go out and eat, enjoy ourselves in the bars and restaurants, and we’re even given discounts to do so. Then it’s all cancelled, and now it’s table service only. So how does this effect the London escort business?

London escorts  during Corona Virus

Well, the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t really. We did close the agency during lockdown, mostly on moral grounds, but soon discovered that most agencies stayed open. Not every agency of course, but the big hitters in London kept taking bookings. We decided to open up again when the government decided that we could open restaurants and other services, like hairdressers and beauty treatments etc. We figured that if people could work in that close proximity, then the escorting business could get back to a reasonable level of normality.

After all, if you can sit in a restaurant with 50 other people, you can sit in a room with one other person. The risk, as far as we see it, is relatively low. Lower than most other service orientated services.

We do not condone or encourage contact

It’s important to understand that regardless of what people assume, or what they believe to be true, we as an agency do not condone, or encourage contact of any kind during a London escort booking. Especially at this time. We have never professed to know what goes on between an escort and her client, nor do we ever want to know. We have said it many times before, and we’ll say it again, we act as a booking agency only. We make no promises, and no guarantees. These girls are well beyond our control, and we wouldn’t want to control them, even if we could. Whatever they get up to with their clients is up to them. The same could be said for a massage therapist in many respects, but not if they worked for a company; they would be likely to get into a lot of trouble if they fooled around on company time!

Companionship is everything at this time

So, whatever the two of you do, it’s up to you. But we will say this. Even if you don’t even hug your escort when the two of you meet, just being in the presence of another human being when times are so uncertain, can be an absolute blessing. So don’t think for a moment that your booking fee isn’t worth it. Just to see the smiling face of a legendary British porn star, or any other girl for that matter, has to be worth ever penny.