A good start to 2021 for London escorts

Escorts out of Lockdown

It becomes difficult to predict what’s going to happen in the world today, 2020 has been rough! It’s even more difficult to predict how it’s going to be in other countries, where some of our international escorts operate and tour. But here in London it’s looking promising so far, with the introduction and roll out of a Covid-19 vaccine. It’s what the whole world has been waiting for, not just the London escort industry.

Out of lockdown number 2!

It’s worth noting that the current lockdown is indeed ending in December. We’re not sure what’s going to happen then of course, but we’re hoping that they are going to allow most of London to open their doors. The government has announced that they’re going to allow families to mix this year at Christmas, so we see no reason why the escort business can’t do it too. After all, this is a one on one business, and does not include three different families in the same room! Think about it logically if you will.

We can’t possibly speak for all the girls we represent, but we are confident that they have the common sense to operate as safely as possible between the end of lockdown and the eventual, successful vaccination of the majority of the UK population. We are also hoping that the rest of the world will get their respective populations vaccinated too. This will be imperative for the international girls we represent. Luckily most of the touring porn star escorts we represent choose to work in popular destinations that rely so much on tourism, so it is thought that these will be prioritised.

Christmas escort date

So with hospitality relaxing and various places allowed to be open for business, we expect you will be able to book a London escort date at Christmastime. Just how some of you are going to manage that is beyond us of course. With so many of you working from home, and unable to get away from others, it’s going to be hard to find the opportunity we’re sure. It may take a little creative thinking on your part if you need it, but rest assured that there will be a wonderful woman waiting for you to ease away all your tensions. What better way to celebrate Christmas!

What is expected in 2021

From an escort agency perspective 2021 has to be better than 2020. It means that bookings will begin to flood in as the vaccine and confidence builds momentum. We’re not saying that it’s going to be like the swinging 60’s again, but it couldn’t really be any worse could it? More girls will be arriving in the city in the spring and summer, and they’re likely to be very pleased it’s coming to an end too.