Our London escort and International agency

Well, what is there to say about International Sugarbabes? We are a brand new agency, yet we’re also not a brand new agency! That sounds confusing we realise. Try to keep up and we’ll explain a little more. We offer elite London escorts services and International escort services. But we have been doing this for a long time, just under a different agency. You see, International Sugarbabes is owned and operated by practically the same team as the old popular agency Sugarbabes International. We are the same receptionists, the same marketing team and anything else you could care to think of. Just not the same owner.

Our London escorts

We wouldn’t be anywhere were it not for the fantastic relationships we have forged with our high class London escorts. These talented ladies all have wonderful, individual characteristics that make them so much more than a “great set of hooters,” or a “cracking pair of legs!” Yes, they’re all beautiful and very sexy, but they have so much more that we have come to recognise as much more valuable than appearances alone. Some of our elite London escorts have been working with us for many years, and have always offered a consistently excellent service. They trust us and we trust them, and quite frankly we couldn’t think of a better relationship.

We are still the foremost agency for the provision of porn star escorts in London and internationally. Those porn stars come to International Sugarbabes from all over the world. We even represent them in Europe, the USA and Dubai! And they all come over here to London to work because they love it here so much. What’s not to love? A vastly multi-cultural city, liberated, and with a shed load of great bars, restaurants and shopping! Sure, it might be expensive to live here, but when you’re a porn star escort, you can afford the nicer things in life. Even if it’s just for a short period of time!

Your privacy is important to us

Because we have been in the London escort business for such a long time, we are very used to keeping our clients’ information private, and we never share your information with anyone. If you sign up for our Newsletter you will have the option to opt out of course, and you will never receive any unsolicited offers, text messages or calls from the agency unless you have requested a booking. Once your booking is concluded we have no reason to contact you.

These professional model escort companions we represent will never impose themselves on you for your personal details either. Nor should you request anything like this from them. This is a simple appointment system and the two of you may well never meet again. Your identity is perfectly safe with our courtesans and we expect the same level of discretion from you as a client.

Our Mission Statement

To offer quality London escorts and international escorts to our clients in an efficient and friendly manner, whilst offering value for money from some of the most excellent service providers in the global escort community.

To our escorts we offer a friendly and efficient service, competitive rates of commission, easy payment options, quality representation and excellent extended online marketing and coverage.



Is booking an escort illegal?

This is a common question. There remains a lot of grey area about it, but the short answer is no, it is not illegal to book an escort. To begin with, escorts are not classified as prostitutes (a common misunderstanding). Escorts are selling their time and companionship only. This is where International Sugarbabes comes into the equation and acts as an agent for those selling their companionship, and those seeking it. Prostitution has many other connotations and is predominantly known as selling sexual services. This is not illegal in the UK either strangely enough, although some parts of this are. Soliciting in a public place for example (otherwise known as “Street walkers). Hiring a street walker (prostitute) is also illegal, and is otherwise known as “kerb crawling”. Prostitution also becomes illegal when it wanders into the realms of control and human trafficking of course. Owning or managing a brothel is illegal. For those who are unsure of the definition, this is a place that is operated for the purpose of facilitating sexual services between prostitutes and their customers.  Pimping is also illegal of course, and is sometimes connected with owning and/or managing a brothel. A pimp is someone who controls a prostitute and either forces or otherwise coerces her to have sex with people for financial gain. WE are sure you could look into all this in greater detail, but for the purposes of answering this question, escorting is not illegal.

What is an incall and an outcall?

Put very simply, an incall booking is where you go to an escorts home, and an outcall is where they travel to your destination. Outcall bookings are commonly more expensive than incalls because they incur greater expense to the escort.

What services are on offer from the girls?

As far as we are concerned, working as agent for all the girls you see on our website, it’s a companionship service. The fee you pay to your escort is for her time, and time alone. We will not enter into any discussions with our clients about anything else that may or may not happen during your booking with one of the girls we represent. We have no control over the girls whatsoever, and as it is clearly stated on our homepage, we act as an introduction only service. We would highly recommend that you discuss your booking with your chosen girl the moment you meet. Then if you are not satisfied with the result of your discussion, or she does not like what you suggest, you can choose not to go through with the booking before any money has changed hands.

Are the girls’ pictures real?

All the pictures that you see for each individual girl are real. Whether or not that have been enhanced is not something we wish to get into a discussion about. Again, we have no control over the girls whatsoever, and we are obliged to use the pictures they send us. We do not produce the images, we do not edit the images. All we do is add our “watermark” to them before publication. Of course, we are a reputable agency, and if we know that the pictures we have been sent are a very poor representation of the girl, we will refuse to use them. If we discover that a girl has been using misleading images on our website, we will refuse to represent her. This is not generally a problem, and the girls we list update their pictures regularly. You will also find some of them publish “selfies”.

Can I make requests?

You can make any reasonable requests through the agency before your booking if you wish. Again, we reiterate, we will not engage in any conversations or messages regarding sexual services. If you wish to request a certain style of outfit or something like that, they you are free to do so. We will pass along your request to the girl you have chosen.

Can I take my escort out on a date?

This is a lovely idea, and all of our escorts love to go out with their clients. They are highly professional and make excellent dinner companions. You may choose to go to a show perhaps, a casino or some other event or function. You can sometimes find some great ideas over on our escort blog.

What about Corona Virus?

We do not wish to engage in a huge debate about Corona Virus. International Sugarbabes will not be held responsible for the actions of the escorts we represent, or the clients who book them. As always, what happens during a booking is a matter between two consenting adults. We trust in the common sense and intelligence of both our escorts and our clients. We trust that either of these parties would be sensible enough to isolate and refrain from contact with anyone should they experience symptoms of the virus. We also trust that they would be sensible enough to get themselves tested at their earliest convenience. As an escort agency, International Sugarbabes cannot be held responsible for anyone contracting Covid-19 as a direct result of a booking. All bookings are undertaken at the client’s own risk.